How do you deal with your anxiety? [Serious]

How do you deal with your anxiety? [Serious]

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  1. 1) Write down everything that is bothering you and cross out the things you cannot control. Work on the things you can.

    2) List what your thankful for. There’s people in this world that would love to be in your position.

  2. Going for a walk, calling a friend. Working out.
    Sports saved my life. Just find a way to stay in the present moment. Breathe slowly in and out, stay in the “here and now”. Think that failure is an opportunity to grow, as well as challenges. Cook, clean, tidy your room, do practical things. Get out of your brain and prioritise yourself

  3. The best way I deal with anxiety is play video games or watch youtube. If that doesn’t work, I text a friend or family member and talk to them for awhile about things going on in both of our lives. It could just be me, but I find joy in catching up with others and making others happy by making them know that I care and am interested in their life

  4. you can handle your anxiety by talking to someone that you trusts and taking medications. the later one helps a lot.

    but if you’re like anxious during an examination or something similar and couldnt do any of the above, you should try to take a deep breathe and take time to calm yourself first before continuing whatever you were in the middle of doing.

  5. My girlfriend has anxiety and currently untreated (her mom doesn’t want her on medication) and what helps her usually is when I sit her down and make her copy my pace of breathing. Take slow deep breaths. Try 30 long breaths and focus on doing that. After, distract yourself with something. But it will always slightly be there, so learn that this is something you must accept about yourself.

    Other than that, Xanax can do wonders

  6. A weird way to deal with it short term is to think that you’re literally the best person in the world, and that you are better at particular things (your hobby) than everyone else. Having a big enough head to be oblivious for a couple minutes is helpful, both because it is funny and because it hightens your ego when walking into situations where you might be extremely nervous, which for me is public places or work lol.

  7. Tell it to fuck off and continue regardless, no one really cares what you look like or if you make a tit of yourself attempting something.
    Life would be boring without taking chances, the more you do it the easier it becomes!

  8. Distractions and breathing exercises.
    Video games, crafting hobbies, art… anything that keeps your hands and brain occupied. When I can’t have that, I have an app on my phone to help me focus on my breathing if I’m starting to spiral.

  9. Focus on what I can control. Practice mindfulness, lower my caffeine intake, jog and get good sleep.

    If it’s social anxiety, practice small talk little by little.

  10. Whenever I feel really anxious like a severe anxiety attack I cut my hair but if it’s like manageable I unconsciously peel the skin off my thumbs by scratching it with my middle finger.

  11. If I have time and am able, I take a walk. It stops me from pacing and removing myself from the physical space where I am having the attack helps a lot. I throw on a pair of dark sunglasses if I’m crying. If I can’t walk, I tend to isolate in any space I can get to that’s quiet and just ride out the wave.

  12. I get general anxiety sometimes, and benzodiazepines I get from the doctor help. No other medication or therapy is as reliably effective for me, but if I break the chain of feeling early then it doesn’t last as long. I use them sparingly in the hope they don’t become ineffective or addictive.

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