How do you defend yourself against mind control, brain washing and general manipulation?

How do you defend yourself against mind control, brain washing and general manipulation?

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  1. Media Literacy and critical thinking skills are so important. Understanding history is the key – learning the ways, for example, Hitler/Stalin/Mussolini et al. used the same “playbook” can be a way to understand. There’s a documentary on Netflix called How to Become a Tyrant and it does a really good job of breaking down the tactics.

  2. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed by ANY means, but I don’t need people’s approval or adulation and it helps a lot. I think Critically and form my own opinions about what I’m told and I keep things simple. I don’t deny directly observable truth to make people happy.

  3. Funny question to ask here.. I get information from as many sources as possible (if you agree with everything from one source you are a good sheep), question everything (is something to be sold with x information), always be open to new information and see things from various perspectives (young people see things differently than old people, people from x country will think differently about x, poor people will think differently that rich people etc).

  4. Don’t trust anything at face value. But don’t be paranoid of everything. Keep in mind a nuanced opinion won’t get traction so publications and people social medias choose to exaggerate.

    Read multiple and opposite sources, think for yourself about the most probable causes and go from there to forge your own opinion.

  5. For now you wouldn’t protect yourself from mind control. It’s going to sound looney, but take my word for it.

    Thought insertion, thought limitation, and emotion control are a mother effer to even detect from the victims pov. One cant really do a lot about it then. Especially when everyone hears it but no one helps.

  6. Think about things politically and not how they should be. Then ask yourself why those decisions would be politically advantageous to the people that might be/are trying to brainwash you.

  7. Bitch slap them Volume knobless auditory hallucinations with Risperidone by the handful. If that doesn’t work and you can prove the mind fuckery, then blame everything on them. “Sam, why did you hijack cern and try to go back in time to “prevent Lori Lightfoot’s pregnancy?” 🥺 “Because I was the humpee that helped make it!” “IT was not human, and ends up being the one that creates the fifth Reich.”

  8. > How do you defend yourself against mind control, brain washing

    Now you have me worried; I’ve never “defended” myself against these things, as I don’t believe that they actually exist.

    > and general manipulation?

    by remaining skeptical and “following the money”. People are actually pretty bad at manipulating others when their intentions are clear, and if someone is promising you something with unclear or “hidden” intentions: I can assure you that they do NOT have your interest in mind.

  9. A lot of these commenters are full of shit and the honest to God answer is…. You really can’t… Unless you can read minds and verify the authenticity of every piece of information you are subject to manipulation, brain washing and mind control. We all are…

    I guess the only thing you can really do is make a judgement based on what you feel is true and roll with it…. Can’t really prevent these things entirely no matter what you do.

  10. By arguing with an open mind. Ask questions. Dont only talk to people who don’t see eye to eye with you, but also with those who steadfastly disagree with you.

    The big issue now is where do you get information from that you can trust.

    The age of information is over, welcome to the age of misinformation.

  11. Critical thinking.
    Having boundaries.
    Enforcing boundaries.
    Understanding that good people with good intentions can still hurt me by mistake and look out for myself and speak up for myself when they do.

  12. Understand that you have a need for acceptance and socialization and make an effort to meet those needs without engaging with people that would use them to manipulate you.

  13. Ha. Funny you should say this. I just made a post on Relationship advice about a cult my wife has gotten involved in (Black Hebrew Israelites). They’ve basically used the Bible against her and have her believing all white men are the devil (including me) and a whole bunch of other shit (anti-semitism, hating gay people, believing the end of the world is here right now, etc). She’s completely brainwashed. I thought she’d completely pulled away before the marriage, but now her son has dragged her back into this cult.

    Essentially, to be strong minded and not to be naive is critical. Also be aware of the fact they will use whatever they can to get their hooks into you. BHI uses a very real, painful thing like racism to their advantage by claiming that bleak people are cursed by God, but Jesus will come back and destroy all white people, etc. It’s a nightmare, believe me.

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