How do you define a “cool” person?

How do you define a “cool” person?

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  1. Patient, empathetic, non-judgemental, loving, caring, humble, listens more, speaks less, takes genuine interest in others and goes out of their way to help those in need. I’m 5 to 10 % there.

  2. It’s that right balance of confidence, but still modest. Friendly, but not so overly friendly that its annoying. Solid sense of humor, but isn’t constantly cracking jokes to get attention. Sticks up for people, but will call people out when they’re being dickheads.

    Balance. Balance is the key.

  3. Someone who is really passionate about the work they do or something they believe in. They really draw you in and make you interested in them. And that’s really cool.

  4. They usually ask for nudes from people, but emphasize they must be above 18, like something went wrong in the past. Also, they’ll refer to you as “king,” or “queen.”

    Edit: I’m totally serious.

  5. Someone who is kind and respectful but doesn’t let people walk over them. They are confident but it never comes off as arrogance. Someone who keeps to themselves but is very friendly when approached. Someone with a hobby that they’re passionate about, whatever it is. If they’re intelligent and not up their ass about it – bonus cool points. So basically, that person everyone wants to be.

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