How do you feel about $10,000 per person of student loan debt being cancelled?

How do you feel about $10,000 per person of student loan debt being cancelled?

What do you think?

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  1. We have been bailing out the banks repeatedly for the past 2 decades because they keep issuing loans to people who can’t afford it on the premise that they will one day make enough money to be able to afford to pay it back. I think offering $10,000 of loan forgiveness is no different … it’s again bailing out the banks for issuing loans without collateral. The only difference is that it’s addressing the actual issue and giving a bunch of people who made a bad choice a chance to get out of debt as well.

    As for everyone saying “well, we are paying for it out of our taxes and that’s not fair” … we have been paying for it out of our taxes for years with it helping no one but the billionaires that own the banks so whats your point? At least this way it actually helps out the little guy.

  2. It should be more.

    If the US doesn’t figure out a real solution to its higher education system things are only going to continue to get worse.

  3. It’s a great idea and will allow those people to spend that money towards mortgages and simulating the economy, versus a bank getting a tax break and a bail out.

  4. My family doesn’t have any student debt but I think it’s great. Of course the long term goal is to reduce fees for people to get a higher education upfront so they don’t need to take out these ridiculously huge loans, but in the mean time this is very helpful to many people.

    Regardless of the major they take I found a lot of general education college classes for history, civics, personal finance, economics, etc. to be very helpful for my life. Also since our government is based on individuals voting I want each and every one of us to ideally be more educated. My life is greatly affected by the actions of others people, so if others can make more informed life choices it helps everyone.

  5. The sheer bitterness of some people in this thread, who can’t bear the thought that the government might actually do something to provide help to somebody other than them…it’s really sad. Tells you a lot about the state of the conservative psyche these days.

  6. It’s a good start. It will cover most of my undergrad debt. I wish a little more was offered for people who went on to get graduate degrees and incurred student loan debt.

  7. I rather see regular people get these bails outs than corporations and wealthy people. Im sick of the bullshit trickle down economics where only the wealthy get bail outs and tax cuts.

  8. My husband and I already paid ours off so it won’t help us, but it could be life changing for some of our friends. Some of the best people I know are still stuck drowning under their student loan debt even with a full time job relevant to their degree.

  9. Not great. Not only does it punish me for working during uni and trying in HS for a scholarships, but it’s also a step in the WRONG direction. This is comparable to giving a homeless man a fish compared to teaching him to fish.

    Universities are going to raise their prices accordingly. Go for it, relieve Student loans OUT OF OUR AVAILABLE BUDGET, IE the military funding and etc, but until they target the root of the problem, nothing will really change.

  10. It’s a blatant political move headed into the midterms and solves nothing if the loans are going to continue to be made.

    As someone without student loans, or a college degree, and who wouldn’t qualify for the “forgiveness” (forcing it on taxpayers) even if I did have student loans, it just reeks. Redditors are going to love it though.

  11. I think it’s a giveaway to people who are not all that needy, by comparison. And to do it by executive action was unconstitutional and will hopefully be overturned by the Supreme Court.

  12. Is this just a single thing or are there a bunch of other things attached to this “feel good, pat ourselves on the back” thing? Anything politicians touch turns to shit anyway. Why would this be any different?

  13. What are we commies all of a sudden. Study abroad and leave my economy alone. But yea if they can bail out billion dollar companies why not us for once. The economy is going down the drain might aswell throw a hail Mary to the working class.

  14. I’m a bit torn, on one side I have student loans, but on the other side it is really only helping people who could afford to go to college in the first place. It’s a step in the right direction but not a huge one

  15. Either our taxes go up, biden prints MORE money, or the gov’t carries more debt. No matter how its done? It’s bad for the economy.

    Now i read one guy saying can he load up on loans now and still get the pay back. . smh.

    People now think that there are no consequences to making stupid decisions.

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