How do you feel about free Healthcare? Should everyone have it?

How do you feel about free Healthcare? Should everyone have it?

What do you think?

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  1. It isn’t “free” Healthcare. We already pay more than enough in taxes to cover it. Take away four wedding bombings by our military and we’d be golden.

  2. Sort of, I don’t think it should be free, I think the us should do like what lots of other countries do where you pay for medical services through taxes, so when you do need a hospital bed, you don’t have to pay a bill on the spot

  3. If you mean a socialize health care system, I’m for it. Even though taxes go up we all stop having to pay out of our paychecks for our health insurance, which would likely have us all break even (even if you don’t meat your current deductible) and our employers get their (usually larger) share back to either invest in the business or put back into our salaries (ahahaha.)

    The overall cost of care should also drop because the insurance grift that caused prices to spike over the last 20-30 years goes away.

    The only bit I’m curious of how to tackle would be the overnight dismantling of the health insurance industry. And I don’t mean the poor sad billionaire board members, I mean the thousands upon thousands of office workers. I’m not proposing the whole broken window fallacy here but I imagine we need a transitional period to make sure we don’t trigger a mass unemployment event all at once.

  4. Nothing is ever free…. We always pay for it…
    Unfortunately, the American health insurance companies have managed to develop a system where 99% of Americans can’t afford healthcare.

    By saying free healthcare, you mean government subsidized healthcare, which means healthcare paid for by taxpayers.

  5. Im more of “affordable health care” kind of guy. I don’t mind paying for insurance if that means when I have to go to the doctor or I have an emergency, I don’t have to worry about medical bills because the insurance will take care of everything. Having to pay insurance every payday just for them to tell you your ambulance ride, X-Rays, lab work and certain surgeries are not covered should be a crime

  6. My family in Canada has had bad experience with universal Healthcare, instead of waiting a year + they came here and had the operation in a month. We prefer private insurance.

    Edit: I forgot to say I don’t care if you have free Healthcare, I want my private Healthcare

  7. Yes, but it has to be higher quality than Canada’s for instance. My mom’s friend played for the raptors and said he’d always drive across the border to the USA to go to the doctor. Lines were too long and service was poor. Most likely because it was free

  8. I live in Australia. We have universal healthcare and subsided medication. We pay for healthcare through our taxes. I earn $110k/year. Out of all the taxes I paid this year, only $2,500 went towards Medicare (our health system). I have been to hospital three times this year due to various illnesses and paid $0. I saw top notch surgeons and Doctors. It is by no means perfect and needs some reform but I’ve been able to receive great healthcare and it hasn’t sent me bankrupt.

    When everyone gets the proper medical attention, the nation is happier, healthier and more productive. Everyone should have it.

  9. I see a lot of comments about Healthcare not being free because we pay for it in taxes. Free For All. This also includes poor people who pay less than you, the unemployed, the elderly, people who have a ton of kids, drug addicts, and people who knowingly ruined their own health. You would think it would also lower your car insurance because accident victims would be covered by the government and not the insurance company.

  10. yes everyone should have it and we, the Americans, need to get these fucking insurance middle men out of the equation…what do they do? they sit in between you and your provider saying “fuck you pay me” like Paulie in Goodfellas.

  11. Yes. With good taxing strategy and public-private partnerships, it is possible. Healthcare should be a top prioritized destination to public investments, alongside education.

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