how do you feel about self checkout registers?

how do you feel about self checkout registers?

What do you think?


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  1. I’ve been told by several Big box store loss prevention people to never ever use them.

    The reason is because if they realize they’re missing a certain item from the store, they will review security footage and then look at you for purchasing the item.

    They even detained, and a few people were arrested because they thought they scanned something but it didn’t scan.

    BS reasons he arrested someone at self check out.

    Their kid grab something without them realizing and then they walked out the store with it.

    They left something at the bottom of the cart like a box of water or a 12 pack. Scanned everything else but that but because they tried to leave the store it was still theft.

    Card was declined and the guy didn’t pay attention he just pulled his card out and left the store.

    They scanned an item and it came up as a different item in the system. So they were detained while they investigated potential fraud.

    Just a 5-minute conversation alone with this guy was enough to make me never want to use them ever again.

  2. i like them because i can ring in bulk items at a lower cost and never get charged for bags. it also allows me to keep a closer watch on mistaken pricing, which happens A LOT. not only that but you can ring in a coupon multiple times and keep the coupon for your next visit.

  3. if i use a self checkout i’m doing the work and saving the company from having to pay an employee so why shouldn’t my groceries be discounted even just a tiny bit.

  4. I think it’s a way for stores to pass the buck to the consumer. They don’t care about customer service, so they remove the service portion completely and you get to pay the same price!

  5. Started using them because they make shorter trips nice. I hated getting stuck behind people who had massive loads while I only had a few items, and also the overly-friendly cashiers who had to ask about everything I was buying.

  6. I like them because I rarely ever have to wait in line. I’m fully confident I can do this job better and faster with 0 training than the 16 year old with purple streaks in her hair.

  7. If they’re good, I like them. Home depot has great ones. I can scan and bag faster than the cashiers anyway.

    If they’re terrible like the ones that whine if u didn’t place an item just right after scanning it, or every issue locks the machine until an employee comes to unlock it, then I hate them

  8. I hate them. They constantly scold me for supposedly putting an unscanned item in the bagging area. I feel like I’m being accused of stealing every time I use one.

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