How do you feel about vapes/electronic cigarettes, etc?

How do you feel about vapes/electronic cigarettes, etc?

What do you think?

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  1. I was a heavy smoker for 15 years, and now have been vaping exclusively on the vape for the past 4. Unfortunately, I’m hooked on the vape.

    I definitely feel better health-wise though, most notably I no longer get bronchitis twice a year.

    I just wish there were conclusive studies about the dangers of vaping…esp. things that stay away from the sensationalist stuff we here like “MeTaL iN yEr LuNgs” and popcorn lung, and all that homebrew Vitamin E bullshit.

  2. I smoked for over 30 years and failed quitting more times than i can count. Switched to vaping for a few years, then decided to try 0 nicotine juice. After a few weeks of that I put down the vape and never picked it up again.

  3. Torn. On one hand I feel like a replaced one bad habit with another. But, it’s cheaper, I can take one puff at a time (instead of having to “step away” for 5 minutes at a time), and there isn’t a smell that haunts me throughout the day

  4. Probably better than cigarettes’ but the potential health impacts from them are too soon to tell (polyps on lungs, various other chemicals interacting with internal organs).

    What is disturbing is how they are marketed to kids and younger generations.

  5. They are terrible. Since they first came out, I knew they would only get younger kids hooked. The FDA said they wouldn’t and geez, look what happened. Now, they are even in the process of banning flavored cigars.

  6. If you in highschool, than no we understand why you get no bitches.

    If you an adult, you are just fucking weird, yeah it’s better than cigs, but why smoke at all.

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