how do you handle knowing you will die someday?

how do you handle knowing you will die someday?

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  1. Try not to overthink it. There’s not a lot you can do about the end. All you can do is try to lower the chances of it happening sooner rather than later… Eat good food, do some exercise and try not to stress yourself out too much.

  2. I don’t handle it well, I gotta say. Think about it almost every day. Do I want to live every day to the fullest or do I want to build something, leave some kind of legacy? If I live shortsightedly, I might have it hard later in life. If I live for the long haul, I might just die in the process, leave nothing anyway and have lived a rushed and pointless life. Nothing scares me like the thought of dying young and have all my tears and stress over grades have been for nothing.

  3. Well, there’s a lot of beauty in knowing that everything is just temporary. So no matter how hard you are hurting, you know that it’s just gonna be irrelevant someday.

  4. It’s not just me who’s going to die — it’s all of us. I’m in good company lol.

    But seriously, I handle it by understanding that energy cannot be created or destroyed, and that all the stuff that makes up my body and brain doesn’t actually “end” — it just dissipates, like a drop returning to the ocean. But really, even while we’re alive, we’re the ocean all along — we are the ocean pretending to be a separate drop of water.

  5. Pretty well I feel

    I’m overall aiming to be like the third brother in Harry Potter’s Deathly hallows. Evading death for a very long time and then greeting it as an old friend.

    Death occurs so life may too. I’m ok with having my time to shine then stepping aside so others may live.

  6. Just enjoy life as much as you can. Also,it’s pointless to worry about things outside your control. Worrying doesn’t make tomorrow’s troubles any lesser; it just ruins today’s peace. Plus, how bad can it be to cease to exist? eternal rest. We’ve not existed for eons and will continue to do so for eternity after we pass. All good

  7. In life i have always had a way of thinking
    You will eventually have to face something, but you should not me scared or afraid of it. Be prepaired
    You should not be scared of death, but knowing that it will come and you want to be prepaired for it, so you will not have te regret something you wanted to do in life.

    Life is short, make everything count and follow youre feeling.

  8. I try to think of it as returning to the way things were before I came to be. Nothing that happened before me bothered me then, and everything that happens after won’t bother me either. Like the dreamless stretches of sleep.

    Whenever the existential dread starts to set in and I start wishing immortality could be a thing, I then ask myself if I want to be around for the sun to become a red giant or for the eventual heat death of the universe. And the answer is always no. It all sounds so uncomfortable. My fleshy little body just isn’t built for all that.

    It’s one of those things that can’t be changed. We just have to try to accept it. In the mean time, I try to appreciate as much of life as possible. Give and feel as much love as I can. Be thankful for the good things. I kinda hate the whole “live laugh love” mantra, but honestly it’s how I’m trying to do life despite myself.

  9. The same way I handle waiting in line at a waterslide. With a little anxiety and trepidation, but also excitement. I’m not really afraid of death so much as how I die. I don’t want to die painfully. Sadly, many of us go out very painfully. Like if I get diagnosed with late stage cancer, I’m not treating that shit. I’m just gonna travel somewhere pretty and take a lot of drugs until I die.

  10. I appreciate all the little things. I make sure my friends and family are happy. I try to be nice to strangers and make them smile. I try new things. YOLO people, I would prefer to die happy with little to no regret of anything in my life than sad and full of regret.

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