How do you keep yourself alive when you can’t afford therapy and psychiatrist?

How do you keep yourself alive when you can’t afford therapy and psychiatrist?

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  1. I personally take a systematic approach, how much does the issue at hand affect me, how much will it affect me if I don’t do anything about it. I just think a lot, when I reach to a conclusion it isn’t in my hands, I just let life do its thing and hope for the worst. If it is in my hands, I make an attempt to solve the issue. Sometimes it’s difficult, but I be optimistic

  2. Finding a reason not to kill myself yet. For example I can’t kill myself yet because I going out with my friends on Saturday. I can’t kms because I have an appointment on Wednesday and so on…

  3. Find a teaching hospital. People going to school for therapy and psychiatry have to do residency just like any other doctor. They will have free therapy sessions from new therapists. They operate under the supervision of a seasoned veteran.

  4. Start by making through the next minute, then the next, then the next, eventually start making it through the hour. Then the day. You can get through

  5. This mantra helped me: suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    Walk to talk about it OP? Feel free to message. I’m not a therapist but I’m a person and it sometimes helps to vent.

  6. Besides working out and get in the Sun, watch serious motivational speaks.

    I said this before, but after a rough breakup I watched a video of Jocko explaining it and if that doesn’t help a little I don’t know what will.

    Talk to people, do stuff that you haven’t done in a long time,stuff that reminds you of good times.

    Besides, don’t know where you live but in Germany Healthcare pays for certain psychotherapy if you need it.

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