How do you kill that one *pesky* fly?

How do you kill that one *pesky* fly?

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  1. Usually ignore it till I lose my cool, than go on a mission from god to strike that pesky fuck down. Fly swatted, shoes, slap, doesn’t matter, I’m gonna get that thing hell or high water

  2. Just swat it out of the air, it normally injures them to the point they die. The trick is swatting where you anticipate they are going next, not where they are.

  3. I have these square Japanese-style fabric lamps and the top comes off of them. Insects are attracted to light, so I lift the top off the lamp and wait until the fly goes in, then I close it.

    Because my dog is scared of the fly swatter. (And the fly)

  4. Sure way i do it, is use their methods against them. Flies are attracted to light, so you turn off every light in the house and turn on the 1 light in the restroom. Lure them into a small space then whack them with a fly swatter.

  5. I have 3 cats. Two of which don’t like being picked up but really like eating flies. It is a wonderful, joyous, fantastic time every time they try to decide if their desire to eat the bug overrides their dislike of being held. Seriously. I love it. It is my favourite thing to be woken up at 3am because they can’t reach a fly, 100%

  6. My computer room has a window facing my front yard.

    Once that fly motherfucker landed close enough to me on the glass, I grabbed up my butane crack torch and singed away its wings and legs. It feebly buzzed and squirmed around on the windowsill until it finally, mercifully, expired.

  7. 1) Clap your hands flat together about 9″/23cm above and just behind them.

    2) Use the “Sadistic Ballistic”: knot two rubber bands together and mount to a paper clip; use similar to a slingshot. Fly will explode into pieces.

    3) Buy a salt gun

  8. We used to close all the doors to the house, and turn off all the lights except for one. They eventually fly toward the light. But we just bought an indoor bug zapper and it works well.

  9. if its a really annoying fly that is only flying around me distracting me from my game when the door in my room is open like 2 meters away from me. i would catch it, freeze it so you can tie it up and burn it slowly on a candle like a witch. or get a really sharp knife and cut super small peaces of the legs and wings and when you done just breathe on it till it dies.

    this could be a question from the fbi or some insect defenders to get the craziest people, but in my defense i am way to lazy to pull this off

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