How do you know who your real friends are?

How do you know who your real friends are?

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  1. You can go for long periods of time without talking, but when you do talk or meet up its as good as it ever was. Mutual understanding that people can just have stuff on and life gets in the way

  2. There are a lot of comments here and I don’t agree with a lot of them. “Real friends make time for you” and “Don’t text anyone for a month, see who texts you” are a couple I disagree with.

    First of all, it’s naive to think that your friends will always have time to make for you. You have to understand that you’re probably *far* from their only friend, and that they have other people in their lives as well. And sometimes, hanging out with someone too much can get tiring, even if they are a good friend.

    On the text one, I don’t believe that being a “real friend” is based on how much one communicates with the other. For all I know, my friend and I can stop talking for literal years and start talking again like nothing happened. Does the lack of communication between us make us less of friends? Of course not. In fact, we can go years without talking and still crash over at my house any time.

    Now for my opinion:

    I believe that a real friend will never tell you to do anything that harms you.

  3. They are bold enough in your relationship to say the difficult things to your face, and talk about the best of you when you’re not around to others.

  4. Cliche but the whole handling you at your worst/deserving you at your best thing does have some truth.

    If your friends are there for you when you aren’t doing well, and you’re there for them, then you know they’re real friends

  5. I’m 30 and have a very close group of friends, we’ve been friends for 15-25 years now. One of the qualities we all share in common is the love and care shown to our families. That same behavior translates over to our friendship and extends to all of our families as well. The way a person treats people behind closed doors and people in public should be consistent.

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