How do you manage all your passwords?

How do you manage all your passwords?

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  1. For social account such as Facebook, Instagram, Discord, or Reddit, etc.): Google auto-save password is my best option. These passwords are somekind similar and easy for me to remember anyway.

    For bank account password: I had a written piece oc paper hidden in a folder in my closet.

    Other short password (phone, electronic door, those that include 4 to 6 numbers): choose a random band and set it to be one of their birthday. If you forget then u can try them all and find it eventually.

  2. Pointing out something that people may not think about. –> Spouse died in January. I was surprised how many accounts were in Spouse’s name, some with two-factor authentication (2FA.)

    LPT #1: If you use a password manager, that info and master password needs to be kept safe, maybe with your will, passport, birth certificate, marriage license, divorce papers, etc.

    LPT #2: Do not deactivate a Spouse’s cell phone until you’re sure all the accounts linked to it are changed.

    I had begged Spouse to use a password manager. He was more comfortable with a piece of paper.

  3. I’m a chemist, and the IUPAC naming conventions have given me a pretty infinite number of number, comma, hyphen, and ridiculously spelled things.

    However, the IUPAC names of all chemicals are in a database, so a password of an IUPAC name could be dictionary attacked. So I misspell them, and capitalize letters that shouldn’t be capitalized.

    Example – 1-hydroxy-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene is picric acid, an explosive used in artillery shells in the world wars. That name could be dictionary attacked though, so I would use something like “1-hdXy-2,4,6-trIntrobeNzne.” Good look brute forcing that!

  4. I’ve got a locked folder on my phone with all my passwords, and I keep a physical copy in a notebook in my safe that’s cemented into my shed floor, with the key stored in a different safe. There’s other important items/ documents in there, I didn’t just cement a safe into the floor of my shed for a notebook, but I thought it was a good place as any for it.

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