How do you, or do you not live up to your username?

How do you, or do you not live up to your username?

What do you think?


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  1. I have never drank peppermint tea, I don’t eat cake that often and I have never eaten a teacake before. I don’t even like peppermint flavoured things!

  2. I’ll go.

    I made my Reddit account in the middle of binging Letterkenny for the first time.

    Didn’t even finish the 3rd season and I’m hardly versed in Letterkenny lingo.

    I feel as though a super fan of the show should have this username and comment ONLY appropriate Letterkenny lingo.

  3. My username is intentional bullshit. Trebuchetfight is meaningful nonsense. I chose it because I thought it was the dumbest, and most ridiculous name I had at the time. My username here has zero meaning. I was just bored one day.

  4. Until very recently at the hands of a woman whom I’m convinced must be blind and deaf, I haven’t enjoyed so much as a handshake from a woman for several years.

  5. I live up to it by: being annoyed, and also cute (sometimes).

    I don’t live up to it by: lacking feathers/wings, having regular toes (no webbed feet, and not being that great of a swimmer (I know how, but I’m nowhere near as good at it as a duckling would be).

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