How do you politely reject someone without making them feel bad or hurt?

How do you politely reject someone without making them feel bad or hurt?

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  1. You fucking don’t. No matter how you do it, they still get rejected. It’s better just to rip the band-aid off and eventually it will stop hurting.

  2. Don’t try and buffer your reply with emotional cushioning. They are probably going to hurt a bit regardless. But if you’re calm, and say plainly you’re just not interested in their request, then it should go the easiest

  3. Acknowledge their advance, thank them out of flattery, deny their advance and wish them well.

    “Wow thank you for the <compliment, flirting, date request>, I’m flattered you think of me so highly! Unfortunately, <insert reason, can be as simple as “I don’t feel the same”>, but I hope you have a great day.”

  4. “Hey, I really enjoyed getting to know you and had a great time, but I am just not in a place right now for a relationship.”

    This may still make them feel bad or hurt as you can’t control their emotions but this will at least give them closure vs ghosting.

  5. Probably never be able to not sting a little, but the kindest way I can think of is something along the lines of “Oh, (person’s name) I like you tremendously, I think you’re a great person! I just don’t feel romantically towards you.” Kindly, but firmly and without apology.

  6. Just be straightforward and say “I don’t feel the same way about you, sorry.” Don’t worry. The very fact that you’re asking this question means you’re not going to be the kind of person who really hurts people when they reject them.

  7. You don’t. If they genuinely wanted you they will feel bad over not having you.
    You can (sometimes) mitigate the hurt by telling them why I.e “Sorry I have a fetish for some ethnic group you aren’t”
    Generally if you are concerned for their while being the best you can do is to reject them quickly so they can cry or rage privately for a few minutes then figure out who else they’d like to be with.

  8. There’s going to be hurt no matter what.

    Maybe say you appreciate their feelings, but you don’t like them that way/only like them as a friend.

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