How do you tell your girlfriend that you hate her friends?

How do you tell your girlfriend that you hate her friends?

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  1. ehhh, generally speaking: don’t.
    you’re going to come off as a controlling asshole.

    I mean, unless they’re really bad for her, then just come out and tell it how it is.

  2. Is this a new relationship? Food for thought: you *are* the people you hang around. So if your girlfriend is like her friends, how long do you see this relationship lasting? Just an observation.

  3. If I were in your position I wouldn’t tell her cause they know each other more than you know them and girls may fight but get along too quick and ofc will stay away from them to not trigger the reason I don’t like them…why don’t you like them may I ask ??

  4. Do you actually wanna tell her you hate her friends? If you do, you might as well. But if you just want them to stay away from you, you don’t actually need to say that. You can just make up some reason they make you feel uncomfortable that doesn’t assign blame. Something like “oh, they’re fine, but they’re just so loud and I kinda feel like a buzzkill”.

    Then it can be something the two of you plan around together; you’re on the same team. If you just said you hate her friends, however tactfully, it’s gonna cause unnecessary conflict of grief or something.

  5. I wouldn’t man. You know the classic wisdom. Happy Wife, Happy Life. She isn’t your wife but neither of you are going to be happy after having that conversation and it just isn’t worth the hassle

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