How do you think COVID ends?

How do you think COVID ends?

What do you think?

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  1. It will not end, it will become endemic, meaning it’s going to stay, we might have to get a vaccine every year (like a flu shot) but it will be under control.

  2. It doesn’t! It will be like swine flu or bird flu and always pop back up with a new variant. All we can do is hope people stop being stupid, get the vaccine and boosters, so it won’t be as severe to those who catch it or spread as easily if we wear masks in crowded places like supermarkets.

    But sadly that would require people to be decent human beings and ain’t no way that’s happening.

  3. We learn to live with it as it will be around forever and we continue with our lives. Those who want to Vax do and those who don’t, don’t. We don’t shut our economy over it. We don’t push kids (or adults) into mental illness, drugs, and suicide because we’re scared. We accept it as a reality of life and we focus on a healthy lifestyle and proper hygiene.

  4. I think people just deal with it. The economic impacts of covid are far scarier than the worst case of medical or health impacts.

    If we wanted to we could just throw caution to the wind, vaccinated everyone with the best vaccines we can come up with, and just pretend like nothing bad is happening. People will get sick, people will die, but eventually things will return to normal.


    The far worse outcome, is we continue with lockdowns until something ‘critical’ in our economy breaks, and from there it’s a horrific spiral down to food shortages, leading to looting/riots, leading to mass exodus from cities, leading to further food shortages, until governments collapse and humans revert 500 years or so to a more fragmented set of villages.

  5. It will become like the flu. It will continue to kill a lot of people at this point and proba Alf did another couple years. A lot of them will be unvaccinated idiots and people who can’t have proper healthcare because of unvaccinated idiots but eventually it will level out and be on the scale of other endemic viruses. There is a high chance we get yearly shots like the flu shot.

    There is a high chance is biggest legacy will be the anti vaxxors that have been created during this pandemic.

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