How do you you think a caveman seduced a cavewoman way back in the stone-age?

How do you you think a caveman seduced a cavewoman way back in the stone-age?

What do you think?

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  1. By showing he could feed a family with his food-finding, hunting and fishing.. and maybe gifts for her family and her? Skins or fruits? A carving? Tools? Fresh, sweet bedding?

    (They weren’t animals, they were people like us, and better survivors.)

  2. Same way they do now. By being attractive in some way or interesting in some way. We aren’t as far removed from cavemen as we like to believe.

  3. TIL some guys on here fantasize about how rapey they think cavemen were.

    All evidence is that there was quite a bit less rape back then and we got more rapey later on.

    Although if there was a war of some kind back then, there was almost certainly rape.

  4. Well, the Native Americans, particularly the Plains Indians were Stone Age people. Before Europeans came and began trading with them, they used and crafted stone tools. That’s all ‘Stone Age’ really means. That’s why we have the term Paleolithic, which refers to a specific period of Human History. But it is also important to note that the Paleolithic Era covers **99%** of human history.

    But we were the exact same species then as now. Meaning, one of their babies could be adopted by a modern family and raised in our culture, and you wouldn’t notice any difference between them and contemporary children. They’d likely have average IQ. They’d love gaming, swiping memes etc.

    So, really, there is no reason to think the average caveman would behave much differently than the average Plains Indian when it came to romances. But here’s the thing. Not all Native Americans behaved the same in this respect, nor do all modern humans. It is local culture and custom that dictate this more than any other factor.

    So, each little tribe back then would have had its own protocols that its members would have adhered to. Different tribes- different protocols. But keep this in mind too- back then, the females would have been much deadlier than they are now. They used stone tools all the time to kill animals, scrape meat from hides etc. They were likely very athletic and when the tribe moved out in a hurry, all its members would be able to keep up and act in a competent way.

    If a male chose to force himself on a female, she might accept it if he were a desirable mate. But if she absolutely detested him and he had low social standing, she might just pick up a stone and beat his brains out with it. It only takes one good hit to disable a human male, and after that, you can take your time and aim the stone at *just the right places on the skull*.

    So, I imagine there was a courtship ritual where the male demonstrated in a nice way that he could provide for her- like bringing her some choice meat, for example. And she could accept this or not.

  5. Well, women evolved a clitoris which has no anatomical function other than pleasure… So that might be a hint to our sexual prehistory.

  6. If pheromones actually were actually performing the function that I’ve been told, they probably seduced a cavewoman by having an overwhelming level body odor.

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