How does more guns equal less shooting?

How does more guns equal less shooting?

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  1. Because that’s how the world works in the diseased imaginations of gun nuts. It’s the pernicious fantasy that the gun lobby has spent the last 50-ish years indoctrinating them in.

  2. It doesn’t…but the NRA holds major sway over a lot of republicans…so of course their solution is more guns. It also falls in line with the white savior complex…

  3. It doesn’t and neither does less guns. Criminals or people hell bent on shooting up schools aren’t turning in or following any gun control measures. Laws are just for law abiding citizens.

  4. Guns in the hands of more law bidding and well trained people that are not afraid to use them for good will save people. Especially if the can be seen been worn on their side. The chicken shits doing these shootings look for helpless sheep. Like gun haters. Unless you somehow get the entire world to melt down there weapons, guns will still be a problem.
    Keep in mind, in the stone age there where no guns. Humans still killed each other. It’s a human condition, not the tool.

  5. More guns, less guns…there’s 250-350 million guns in the US already, and we made 11 million more last year. You can get rid of 90 percent of the guns today, and wake up tomorrow still having 1,600 guns in circulation for every Starbucks in America.

    You can add guns, subtract guns, I think we’re so far above the saturation point at which a sufficiently motivated individual can find one, that we’re gonna be fucked regardless.

  6. Theoretically, it’s the victim’s and bystander’s *likelihood of firing back* that acts as a deterrent.

    Personally, I don’t think guns are the problem. I think it’s the fact that the people who want guns the most are typically the people at WalMart that can’t give me the correct change, or are super-pissed that Johnny Depp won, or that <insert_ethnic_group> are taking our jobs.

  7. If everyone has one people are less likely to try and go on a shooting spree.

    Notice it’s places that don’t allow guns that get shot up?

    When is the last time someone went Rambo and shot up a police station?

  8. The theory is that good people with guns are a deterrent to bad people with guns, and have the ability to stop them if they start murdering people. Armed murderers are generally not deterred or stopped by unarmed people.

  9. my dad is convinced that if he and everyone else carries a gun around with them that they’ll somehow be able to take out any threats that appear regardless of the fact that the gun makes you a target instead now.

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