How has your personality changed compared to pre Covid?

How has your personality changed compared to pre Covid?

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  1. I work in EMS/Fire. Before COVID I couldn’t wait to go to work each day. I loved my job and the people I work with. Fast forward to 2020/2021 and I find out that many of my colleagues are complete morons/COVID deniers/antivaxxers and I have lost respect for so many of them. I now pretty much hate going to work because I have to listen to conspiracy bullshit all day, all the while treating COVID patients who are on their last legs. It is definitely worse on the fire side than the EMS side with the nonsense.

  2. I definitely feel more anxious, which I’d attribute to the isolation of lockdowns and working from home. While I wouldn’t say I have any friends at work, I still felt like it was a social outlet for me.

  3. Probably more sympathetic. Last spring I was *so* angry at how stupid people were. Now I get it. I don’t agree with them, but I understand. Makes my job at the hospital easier.

  4. My personality was.. stressful, realising that i can still do everything i did before, even if the world is ending has really expanded my mind. I am no longer limited by insecurities.

  5. Not anti-mask or anti-vax (I’m vaxxed myself) but I was about to go to a local sub shop on my way to work. When I pulled in they had a “wear your mask” sign on the door, and while I agree I was very upset because I didn’t have one on me. Admittedly I didn’t try to go in to see if they had any at the door but I never thought I would get upset over something like that, which in turn is something I never thought in my lifetime I’d have to have dealt with in the first place. Just strange times we live in!

  6. I don’t believe in democracy anymore after seeing how stupid most of the population is. I’ve lost family members and friends who I wasn’t able to visit in the hospital due to the “pandemic”. I’ve seen citizens supporting the firing of unvaccinated essential employees whom they’d called “heroes” months prior. I’ve seen people supporting “papers please”-esque levels of government. I have seen doctors being fired for exercising their personal beliefs. I have seen recent Nobel Prize winning medication be slandered by mainstream doctors. I’ve seen people promote the ideas of “unvaccinated concentration camps” (green zones). I have literally seen people moved to the camps in Australia. I have seen radio silence from 90% of the population. I have zero faith in my fellow citizen.

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