How important is the ability of people to admit they are wrong?

How important is the ability of people to admit they are wrong?

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  1. Admitting that you’re wrong is the only way people can improve themselves.

    No one is ever perfect “as-is.” Anyone who says so has a lot to learn. We all have flaws. We should work on them.

  2. Admitting you are wrong is simply part of being an adult and it is important that you are able to admit to it. If anything, you would gain my respect for admitting a mistake and then you can move on from it. At the end of the day, we all stuff up from time to time and it is all part of the human experience.

  3. What does wrong mean? It depends on the context. A scientist can make a claim about the results of an experiment. If anyone questions the claim, they can backpedal by saying it was only true under the circumstances, at the time of the experiment. So nobody has to admit they were wrong, only that the circumstances at the time were different. There are always missing details that take too long to explain, so admitting wrongness does have utility, in saving time and breath, for time to do business. I would say it’s dishonest and manipulative to admit being wrong. I started out writing this as a joke, but now I’ve convinced myself. Surely, there has to be a way to be wrong, but it only seems like a matter of perspective, and incomplete information. The plasticity of language can change sentences into different stories, without rewriting anything.

  4. It takes tons of work and practice. Egos get bruised when they’re incorrect so putting your ego away is everything. At first it feel like defeat, that changes.

    Also- being able to see from another perspective is essential. Hardcore democrats/republicans are the absolute worst…

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this ability on Reddit. People talk a good game about the importance of it, joke around about it when it’s brought up in a post like this. However, I’ve seldom, if ever see people on Reddit admit defeat in any capacity on any topic. Even if they’re wrong they will find some way avert ownership by diverting or deflecting. People will debate at nauseam about the most mundane things here. And once they choose a side, stance, or viewpoint well you can forget about them altering anything outside of their preset parameters.

    Edit: Most people see admitting they’re wrong as a sign of weakness. Couple this with the inherent intellectual insecurities here and you get to witness what comprises 90 percent of the dialogue.

  6. Extremely important. It shows that you can be accountable for your actions, that you acknowledge what you have done and how you affect others. This allows you to learn from your mistakes and move forward.

  7. I think you should include “why” to your question to be more detailed and engage a better discussion.

    To answer your question it think it is very important.

    As to why, I believe people who own up to their mistakes are more trust worthy. It think it is disrespectful and childish if they won’t admit their wrong even after learning what it right.

    It can ruin relationships and I think it is the same as apologising. Those who don’t, through actions and/or words, can mean that they do not care about you and that you are not valuable enough to them.

    EDIT: I don’t know why I wrote “shouldn’t include”

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