How is it to have a loving family?

How is it to have a loving family?

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  1. I have a loving mother and that’s it. Everyone else in my family is detached from one another and we only see each other once a year at Christmas despite all living within a few hours of eachother.

    My mom though, is wonderful. I visit her every few weeks and she is there for me no matter what I’m going through. It’s really great.

  2. You know that if worst comes to worst there will always be a roof over your head, food to eat and a couch to sleep on. In the best of times you can get together, have a potluck meal, dance and sing. Watch “My Big Fat Greek Wedding “. It’s a lot like that. There will be arguments but there will also be hugs.

  3. I have no idea my mother is as cold as ice and has no idea how to hug.

    I on the other hand crave affection and its one of things my OH loves me for. I think because I had nothing as a child (apart from my Dad) I am extremely touchy feely in a non perverse way with everyone, both at home and at work. Thankfully my colleagues love me for it too. I am the go to cuddle buddy at work.

    I’ll edit and add to this that it took me to my early 30’s to realise it wasn’t me and it was her, once I’d dealt with that I was alot happier mentally.

    If I don’t get a cuddle in bed at night from my OH I struggle to sleep!

  4. I take it of granted way too often. I also complain about it too much. 99.9% of the time it is nice knowing that you have a group of people to love you unconditionally. I always sympathize with those who are not as fortunate.

  5. It’s the biggest blessing in my life tbh. I’ve never once felt unloved or unwanted, it’s like a warm comforting blanket. Whatever else I’m lacking in my life, I know I got so lucky with my mom.

    But. Also I’ll know I’ll be a wreck when she dies. So.

  6. Just the other day my four-year-old spent an hour trying to sleep. He just wanted to talk while I laid next to him in his room. Five minutes before he fell asleep, he said “But dad, tell me someth- wait, can I have a hug, because I love you soooo much?”

    Then he hugged me.

    And then back to “tell me something about your day!” for the millionth time that night.

  7. Idk…but I think it will be cute if u have someone who always support u .. whatever u do or say he just love u too…who is always there to help u to solve ur proplem…after I said that I think it’s just weird to exist

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