How is pornography legal but prostitution isn’t?

How is pornography legal but prostitution isn’t?

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  1. Well, depends on the country. It isn’t legal in **your** country.


    Porn performers don’t just have sex with just anyone for money. They perform on a scene with other performers. It’s not just sex, there’s some acting, the performer have to stop to reposition themselves better to the camera from time to time, there’s a script… It’s easy to look at the final product and see one continuous sex act, but behind the scenes it is not that.

  2. Most likely public health and safety concerns. Concerns of STD’s (yes I know people can be tested, use contraceptives etc, but there are some who do not and some who are just dirty.) Also personal safety concerns of sex workers being rapes, beaten, killed etc…

  3. Prostitution has more inherent dangers than pornography.

    Also the transactional nature is different and more serious with prostitution.

    Prostitution is directly related to human trafficking and other crimes that are less-related (albeit potentially related) with pornography.

    Most importantly, pornography is a creation of art and meant to be VIEWED, not replicated per day.

    pornography is not “real” in the sense that the production uses actors/actresses and is monitored. Or is supposed to be monitored at least.

    Just a few.

  4. Prostitution is not ilegal. What is ilegal is using other people’s body to make money. When we are talking about pornography, we have to people willing to have sex with one another for money, what makes it a horizontal relationship.

  5. My first guess would be that you can’t get prgenant or catch std’s from playing with yourself while watching others play with each other on your phone.

  6. Prostitution and brothels would cause a NIMBY reaction in most neighborhoods so it gets pushed to the underground or poor areas. Criminalization helps to do that. Porn doesn’t have that problem.

  7. Christianity is almost 100% the reason. I lived in a dry county for a brief period of time. They were in the process of voting to become a wet county. The Christians were always handing out pamphlets, yelling in parking lots and street corners, and taking out ads in the local paper about how if the county went wet that drugs and prostitution would run rampant and destroy the county. Essentially the county government would fall and the county would become Sodom and Gomorrah by allowing alcohol sales. It wasn’t one of the crazy churches you see on tv like Westboro, this was damn near every church in the county joining forces to try and prevent alcohol from being sold in the county.

    Whether they are bible thumpers, casual Christians, or keeping up appearances, they like to throw their weight around on about sex and alcohol. If they don’t enjoy sex, no one should.

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