How long do you wait before farting in front of the person you’re dating?

How long do you wait before farting in front of the person you’re dating?

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  1. Just gonna say, don’t wait too long. My first gf kept holding it in until it came out involuntarily and it must’ve fermented or something. Rankest thing I ever smelt. Just let it out, don’t let it get so bad!

  2. Married 2.5 years and my partner just heard me fart *in the bathroom* for the first time a few days ago. Another 4+ years we were living together before marriage, soooo going on 7 years… lmao

  3. 12 yrs together, I always leave the room. He turns up the TV volume and blames it on the dog…I leave the room. I don’t want to smell mine or his.

  4. I mastered the art of silent but deadly, so I fart and never make a sound unless I wanted to. I don’t say anything and then when someone asks what the smell is, I just join in on the confusion and feign innocence. Also the line, “who ever smelt it, dealt it”, is always funny to use.

  5. I farted on my boyfriend after dating him for a couple weeks. He had pulled me onto his lap and I ripped a huge, loud fart.

    We’re still together a couple years later.

  6. Been with my girlfriend for about a year and a half. Still haven’t done it yet. Maybe once in my sleep while she was getting ready in the morning. I really hope not.

  7. I think my then boyfriend (now husband of 11 years) made it like…6 months maybe before he got high, got the giggles and a loud one escaped.
    Now it just never stops :/

  8. Does unwillingly count? First time they sleep over, usually.

    Apparently I have some loud sleep farts. At least it explains itself. It wasn’t on purpose, so I’m not gross, and it’s a natural thing that happens. 🤷‍♂️

    Go back to sleep, bby <3

  9. If they shame you for farting fuck em. I likely have some degree of IBS. There’s a difference between plain rudeness and pain/inability to hold it in. If I have to fart I announce it beforehand and move away or something. Lol. And just keep talking. Works well enough for me but i haven’t anybody bitch to my face in quite some time.

  10. My girlfriend and I had been dating about 8 months before it happened in the worst way. I was going down on her and tried to move myself into a better position for the long term and a fart slipped out. We laughed for a solid 15 minutes and she said she’s glad it was me that farted and not her.

  11. So with my bf currently, farting has always occurred. When I needed to, I excused myself and made a quick trip to the bathroom to let it out. But he never wanted to. After a month of us living together, he finally lets one rip. It feels like he hasn’t stopped since.

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