How long should a relationship last before you can fart in front of your SO guilt free?

How long should a relationship last before you can fart in front of your SO guilt free?

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  1. Look, let’s be real. Farts are funny and you need to be on the same page about them.

    That said, I take a couple of months to do it. Then it’s open season.

  2. me and my boyfriend have been together only 4 months, 1 month in he farted in front of me while he was sleeping and i told him about it when he woke up coz i started crying saying how it made me picture being with him for a long period of time and how cute he was, then he was totally cool with it, i also go to the bathroom with him sometimes (its not as weird as it sounds). I didnt fart in front of him til like 3 months in and it was an accident. Actually i dont really do it “freely” but i do do it guilt free, so it happens on accident as a natural thing but neither of us really mention it when the other does it or make a big deal of it. Humans are naturally cute squishy balls of gases and liquids and we have to love eachother.

  3. Ask anybody that’s happily married for a long time: it’s important to preserve the romance. Keep a little mystery. Fart as much as you like but don’t be surprised if 10 years from now it comes up at the divorce.

  4. After our third date, my current gf and I were cuddling and what not during the evening. I didn’t even think about what my diet consisted of that day, mostly Mexican food and soda, which make me EXTREMELY gassy.

    Out of nowhere, I could feel the demon start to expel itself from my butt without warning and it was the loudest cheek slapper I have ever ripped. I was so embarrassed, and I apologized profusely but before I could finish apologizing she just bursted out laughing hysterically. She said it was okay because she grew up with older brothers and she wasn’t bothered by it.

    I don’t think there’s an acceptable amount of time you should think about, but it’s definitely a telling factor in a relationship if someone judges you for bodily functions. I won’t intentionally rip ass in front of her, but if it happens then I know I’m not going to be put down for it

  5. We’ve been together 9 years. We still don’t fart in front of each other. It’s just gross. I like eating that ass, I don’t want to hear her ripping it.

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