How often does men and women cheat at bachelor/bachelorette party? Do you think its okay? Do you have any stories on your own?

How often does men and women cheat at bachelor/bachelorette party? Do you think its okay? Do you have any stories on your own?

What do you think?


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  1. If you are going into your wedding focused on what you are losing, then you are more likely to cheat. Focus on your future and what you are gaining.

    I’ve been to a handful of bachelorette parties, no one has come anywhere close to cheating

  2. Last bachelor party I went to involved the groom getting a spanking… From other dudes… In Mario cart, corn hole, poker, and…

    The dude won’t ever cheat on his wife. If we had gone to a strip club it wouldn’t have changed anything. If he was the type that would cheat he would do it anyways.

  3. Are people still having strippers at those parties? My husband went on a group mountain biking trip with his guy friends. I certainly hope there was no cheating!

    (My “party” was a girls’ weekend at a spa. No cheating there either!)

  4. I used to be a waiter at a big restaurant in NYC that had private rooms for parties. They always had me work the bachelor parties because I’m a big guy and these things got ROWDY and SLEAZY. Strippers were par for the course but I was shocked at the number of grooms-to-be that ended up getting their dicks sucked. While their buddies cheered them on. Granted, most of these dudes were pieces of Wall Street shit so quel surprise. Still, I was taken aback on more than a few occasions.

  5. I honestly have been to quite a few bachelor parties but I haven’t seen any where the groom cheats on his bride to be…

    Lots of strippers, sometimes some blow, weed, and always lots of booze.

  6. Back in the 1990’s, the Chicago Tribune did an article on this very subject. What they found out, was that is was much more likely for the bride to cheat then the groom. 60% of brides cheated while 20% of grooms did.

  7. You’d be a fool not to. Although my perception is that that sort of entertainment is all about shenanigans. Maybe people do innocent ones. I’m glad that my wife and I know no one. It was just us. I can’t even imagine what a Batchelor party thrown for me would look like.

  8. No, it’s not ok. What kind of piece of shit cheats right before the wedding?

    Not that it’s ever ok but why are you marrying someone when your eyes are already straying?

  9. No not really I understand it if you got drunk and just didn’t know what you were doing I probably wouldn’t be as Mad but if you were in a regular state of mind i would call it off

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