how often should one shower?

how often should one shower?

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  1. as needed. I shower at least daily. I also live in the Dominican Republic. During summer days (which is pretty much the whole year) I would shower twice a day.

    But I don’t like to smell, feel sticky, sweaty, or itchy… So I would shower to avoid/get rid of such sensations.

  2. At night before going to bed every day. Then, if you had sex in bed please shower again before going to work. I don’t want to smell your wife’s queef scent all day.

  3. I shower daily, without fail. At least once, but if I do outside work, help someone move, hit the gym or hike, etc? If I get dirty, I’ll shower again when I get home.

  4. I shower once or twice a day. But I get really sweaty really quickly. Some people can go longer because they don’t sweat much. When in doubt you can always ask your doctor.

  5. Whenever you want provided you don’t stink and I don’t have to smell you if you do lmao. I personally shower my body every second day or after exercise, hair wash once a week.

  6. Technically? Once a week to restore the natural microbiome.

    That said, I can’t sleep without showering… So probably everyday. Just don’t over use shampoo.

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