How old does a dead body need to be for it to not be creepy?

How old does a dead body need to be for it to not be creepy?

What do you think?


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  1. Mummies and people who were preserved due to the elements don’t feel creepy to look at when you see them in pictures or at a museum. Bodies that could be 20 years old and just found are creepy as fuck.

  2. Yeah… I guess to me a dead body is always creepy, but it depends on the situation…
    Dead body in casket at funeral isn’t creepy
    Dead body in casket at cemetery not creepy
    Dead body in casket in your bedroom… kinda creepy…

  3. Never for me. Used to volunteer for morgue detail when working at a hospital because I loved it. No complaints and no one combative. I’ve been handed limbs, watched organ extraction(eyes), moved a number of corpses. Just meat.

  4. my son died. I saw him one week after he died. He was in the morgue. He looked very very very beautiful and relaxed he looked like he was asleep. I was shocked at how beautiful and peaceful he looked dead . he was not creepy at all.

  5. I don’t know but I do know you need a permit to ship a body across the border from the USA to canada, no matter how old. Even if it’s a thousand years. Also you can ship a body on air canada to Nanaimo but not Comox. This was the most obscure knowledge I gained at my last job.

  6. I don’t think they’re definite age since it depends how they died and the condition of their body. Like those deranged people that preserve and live with a dead body of their victims, that’s gonna be creepy no matter how much times passes before you find it.

    In general though, unless there was a gruesome element to it, I think it’s once there is no one left alive who knew the person or was a direct descendant of them.

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