How stupid are you?

How stupid are you?

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  1. I once went to the doctor after discovering some discoloration on my lower back, and thought it might be related to my kidneys or something. Their first question to me was, “do you use a heating pad a lot?” Turns out, I wasn’t dying. I was cranking up the heat too high on my heating pad, and burning myself.

    *That* stupid.

  2. i once called 911 because i saw what i thought looked like a severed human leg on the side of the highway. drove past it 3 times and was utterly convinced that’s what it was. the sheriff showed up and had me get in the back of his car to show him where it was, because the cops had looked but couldn’t see what i was talking about. when we arrived at the location, he got out, looked down at the ground, then got back in the car laughing. it was a dead fox wrapped in some kind of denim-looking fabric. its shriveled little face looked like shriveled toes to me.

  3. I shot a 22lr bullet that stovepiped at the feed ramp it had a crimp in it.I one in the chambered it. When I pulled the trigger the case exploded. No safety glasses or hearing protection I was done for the day. I had taken everything off. I scared myself. I’m stupid.

  4. I was a newspaper journalist. Then I transitioned to tv where I wrote phonetically. After 13 years in retail afterwards, my current job has taught me I can no longer spell without autocorrect. The number of edits I’ve had to do in this comment alone confirms it.

  5. This question self selects for people that are intelligent enough to know how stupid they are. The truly stupid don’t have a clue, and in fact think of themselves are more intelligent than they actually are.

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