How the hell does one improve comment karma?

How the hell does one improve comment karma?

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  1. I have made well thought out, detailed and long post about things I have a lot of knowledge and experience in and only gotten one vote, then I have make flippant witty one liners or even a single word and gotten thousands of votes for it.

    It’s like the Reddit rewards the dumbest version of you.

  2. Be original in your comments that is the best way. Try to look for points that others have not already made comment on and try to get to a new post and get in first.

  3. If you’re worried about karma, just parrot whatever the crowd is saying. Nothing original. Nothing that rocks the boat.

    Just like in real life, worrying about the opinions of others kinda kills any fun.

  4. Just learn what are the Reddit Hive Mind Opinions and repeat them whenever appropriate.

    For instance, here on AskReddit, whenever someone asks something like: “What is the best celebrity?” (or asking for any positive feedback on a celebrity) Say: Keanu Reaves.

    If they ask: “What is the worst celeberity?” (or asking for any negative feedback on a celebrity) Say: James Corden.

    This is just one of the many examples, lurk around for a bit, you will start to find the generalized opinions and then you just have to recite them whenever appropriate (also works for jokes, puns… etc)

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