How would one start over at 27? Is it too late?

How would one start over at 27? Is it too late?

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  1. Never too late. Good luck.
    I’d start with learning a trade or something, nothing too fancy but a lot of them are in high demand, if you learn to be an electrician or plumber or whatever you can basically up and move anywhere in the country and find work lol.

  2. A lot of people don’t even get started the first time until they’re older than 27. Get an honest job, treat people well, learn new skills all the time. Picture the life you want to have and point your choices at it. We never really start over, just keep evolving.

  3. hell no my man. I started the career I’m on now at 27. I’m 38 now, and everything is dope.

    I work for a big name in tech, and without a degree I’m making more than my dad did with his two masters degrees.

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