How would you resolve the transgender people in athletics debate?

How would you resolve the transgender people in athletics debate?

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  1. Easy. If you weren’t born a female you should be restricted from competing in female sports and competition. You can change your gender but you can’t change your physical muscle advantage in strength. So if you want to be a girl fine. But you can’t compete unless it’s a board game.

  2. You compete against the sex that you were born as. I don’t care what you want to call yourself or how you identify.

    There are biological and physiological differences between the sexes. Each sex should have its own category.

  3. Trans people (mtf) competing in female sports is an inherent unfair physical advantage, thus allowing Trans(mtf) to compete against biological women is a disregard to the entire point of women’s sports.

    Trans(ftm) competing in men’s sports only gives them a disadvantage, so if they can compete with men then so be it.

    People’s concern over the topic is the fairness of the competition, typically not rhe fact the person is Trans. Tho we can all agree there are so.e who only gave issue because the person is Trans, and we all can agree nobody cares about opinions based off bigotry

  4. Unfortunately, although I’m very pro-trans and supportive of people who are trans, I’ll have to say no to this one.
    Although they’re the opposite gender to their birth, no amount of conversion therapy can change the way their muscles and bones are formed.
    Biologically, males are stronger then females, and there’s not much we can do about it.
    So in this case, if a trans women competed in female sports, she would have an unfair advantage and the same for trans men but they would have an unfair disadvantage.
    Unless the athlete had something at birth giving them more testosterone as a female (which has happened) or the other way around.
    They shouldn’t be put in certain gendered athletics, if anything, there should be a category for trans people or just compete in slightly non-competitive sports (e.g horse riding, curling, ice dancing, etc).

  5. People make it a way bigger issue than it really is. Hormones absolutely change your muscle mass. Trans men will gain muscle and trans women will lose muscle once they start hormones

  6. This whole issue is a nightmare to try to untangle but I generally think that the solution comes down to creating two categories for most sports: Men+ and Cis Women.

    Cis Women is a category open only to women who identify as the sex determined by their birth. There are no men or transgender athletes allowed in this category. This preserves the records and competitiveness of women’s sports without the worry of the trans debate.

    Men+ is open to **everyone**. Cis men, transgender athletes, and even cis women. The inclusivity of this category would hopefully level the playing field for cis and trans athletes with an understanding that everyone that opts for it will be treated equally, which is exactly what the whole issue is all about.

    It’s not a perfect system but it’s the best one I’ve thought of.

  7. Doctor’s evaluation of physical capability for all athletes then have them sorted into four or five ungendered tiers. It’s an expense the massive sport’s bodies can easily make but still leaves problems at local levels unfortunately.

  8. It was never about gender. Gender is a social construct, remember?

    It was always a historical misnomer. It’s supposed to be Male/Female divisions, not “people who identify as a woman” divisions.

    I solved it.

  9. Just remove gendered sports. Instead have different classifications for athletes who compete in certain ranges of skill. The top of the sport would be mostly dominated by men, but the middle and below would be a mixture of everyone. That way no one can complain, it’s not about your gender or sex, it’s about your skills.

  10. Just remove all the rules

    allow any gender, stop hormone testing (what fucks me up about the trans argument is many cisgender women are [barred](,Live%20Updates%3A%20The%20Tokyo%20Olympics,400%20meters%20to%201%20mile) from competing, if they don’t agree to lower testosterone. The whole thing is fucked, big double standard)

    so drop all the rules. in fact, allow doping, cybernetics even. fuck the whole thing. only people who can afford to participate in the olympics are the ones in the olympics anyways, so it’s not even a wide spectrum of talent, just the ones with resources.

  11. Probably just make combined, ungendered teams with the same # of males & females. Then people can identify how they want to and boom, everyone’s happy

  12. Either put them in their own category, or, if there are not enough people to create their own category, they just shouldn’t be able to compete.

    I mean, I support transgender people and whatnot, but there is no magical solutions. Some life decisions come with sacrifices.

  13. Could a third space be created to have trans people compete among themselves?

    Look, I understand how this may be alienating to some, but, if someone has experienced male puberty, they are at an unfair disadvantage, regardless of therapy or hormones they have taken. There is a marked difference between male and female bone structure, strength, lung mass, etc. There is a reason why Serena Williams, the best female tennis player of all time, would still be likely to lose against male tennis players that aren’t even in the top 20.

  14. make a new category transmen and transwoman, simple

    basically men that failed in sports in their gender become transgenderwoman and magically they become successful

    I don’t see transgender people (woman to man) winning competition with cisgender men

  15. Add an asterisk to the stats. If someone wants to sat, “So-and-so only achieved such-and-such because they’re trans!” Point them to the asterisk.

  16. The athletic organizations and scientists who’ve been studying this and worrying about this for nearly half a century have come to the conclusion that people should compete with their gender.

    Anything else is just pandering to bigots who refuse to pay attention to the larger conversation.

  17. To compete in the women’s category you need XX chromosomes and a T level within 2SD of average for XX women.

    Rename men to open category for everyone else.

  18. In a few decades, transition surgery will be so advanced that we can perfectly match people with lab-grown bodies or skeletal replacements so there won’t be any noticeable difference between the bodies of cis and trans people. Fund it more so it happens sooner.

  19. ZERO cross over for anyone who identifies as anything except as they were born


    then create new athletics where the world is your oyster

    you wanna pretend you’re a girl when you are a boy or the opposite, fly at it

    steroids are legal, juicing, hormones, testosterone, you name it

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