How’s your mental health right now?

How’s your mental health right now?

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  1. Stress: too high

    Depression: manageable-ish

    Suicidal thoughts: not really any today yet

    Desire to go party to forget all my worries with drugs? Super high.

    Desire to be around people I don’t know to find drugs? Super low.

  2. Better than ever. 7 months ago i was in therapy, depressed and just having a lot of issues in general. I have now bought my own house that i’m moving into next week, i just got a gf and i’m having a lot more fun at work too in general as i used to be always just numb or pissed

  3. Could be better.

    I’m a SocDem, but generally apolitical. I have a friends who keeps showing me shitty political takes that rile me up so bad I have to reply.

    I’m considering blocking this friend and I hope they understand.

  4. Probably need a therapist. I feel fine most of the time but I just miss my family and I haven’t made friends near me to hang out with. So just very lonely right now even with online friends.

  5. I’ve had schizophrenia for around 6 years but I am managing it well even though I have frequent breakdowns. I work and go to school. I have friends and am in a relationship even though we are having issues.

    To be honest the hardest thing for me isn’t that I have the symptoms, it’s that I can’t talk about it without being judged by other people even medical professionals. I am happy with my life though.

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