If 16 year old you met the current you, what would they think?

If 16 year old you met the current you, what would they think?

What do you think?


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  1. They were really confused, actually.

    I think they’re around 16 but it’s hard to tell. It was before we transitioned for sure, and they have more of the memories of high school so I assume they are around that age.

    I think they’re confused at how we ended up so “beautiful” or how we survived all the pain they were going through. I look forward to helping them in therapy becuase I really repressed those years.

    I do wonder what they feel about gender. They insist on they/them pronouns for now, which makes sense – 16 was the time I was the most divorced from femininity (I tried to wear girl clothes as often as I could as a small child, parents pushed me out of it, and then I grappled with my gender identity from 18 until I came out) and it’s not uncommon for other plural people to have multiple genders represented in their system.

    But overall i think the most surprising thing for them, is having friends and a lover who actually cares for us. Feeling unconditionally loved is something they never experienced.

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