If 3 10 year old kids pulled up on you and started punching you, what would you do?

If 3 10 year old kids pulled up on you and started punching you, what would you do?

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  1. So I got jumped by 3 10 year olds and they started punching me on the streets, didn’t want to hit back , cuz they are kids. Just wondering what people would do?

  2. Defend myself, of course. Their age doesn’t enable them to behave violently without retaliation. That being said, don’t go overboard and knock them unconscious, just push them back, shove them even until they fall over. They’re 10, I’m 22, I’m physically superior so there is no need to punch or kick at all.

  3. Take phone out and start recording so you have evidence so cops can identify and arrest them or their parents and to avoid any false accusations they may make of you molesting them

  4. Eh idk prolly fight back then beat the shit outta thier dads I front of them or somethin . Maybe engage in coitus with thier moms .. you know good old fashion halo 2 chat stuff

  5. Some 10 year olds are big. My 11 year old niece weighs 20lbs more than I do and is the same height. Three of her could cause serious damage. I’d fight them if I had to.

  6. You could have bit one if them ….that shit would scare the other’s accomplices…..or spit on them😂😂😂….just kidding im curious as well lets wait for the comments to pour in…🙄😁

  7. Let them do it, then I would talk to their parents and tell them that next time I wouldn’t let them do it, so if they want their kids safe they should be away from me

  8. Grab the wrists, spin them around, pull the wrists to the opposite shoulders and restrain them until they give up. Important tip for avoiding getting hurt during violent meltdowns. If they’re small enough to pull onto your lap to use your legs as extra counterweight it’s even more effective.

    Edit: read this wrong, thought it was just one ten year old. In that case, use above method to restrain one, back yourself into a corner and use the flailing of the restrained one and your own legs to keep the other two at bay.

  9. Probably kick/elbow them, preferably in the genitals. Not full force, but enough to shock them enough to stop for a minute, you know. I am 16, but regardless of your age, if it’s self defense, so you should just do the the bare minimum.

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