If Democrats formed the Confederacy as Republicans claim, then how come Republicans claim confederate statues as a part of their heritage?

If Democrats formed the Confederacy as Republicans claim, then how come Republicans claim confederate statues as a part of their heritage?

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  1. The most classic political divide tends to be rural v urban. The Confederacy resonates with the rural demographic more since it has been romanticized and twisted into some libertarian dream state and not the authoritarian, hyper Christian slave state that it was.

    Its dumb and pointless to associate todays political parties with the same parties of the same name that existed 30 years ago, let alone 130 years ago. Reagan and Carter rode the evangelical train to power, they were from separate parties. FDR introduced big government at a time when it was necessary if for nothing else than to show the government is doing *something*. But then Eisenhower runs a Republican ticket and is famous for his warning about bloated government budgets. He was also a massive proponent of infrastructure.

    Politics isnt binary and people shift between parties all the time for their own personal reasons and motivations. It just so happens that Republicans represent the rural, more traditional demographic.

  2. There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s be very clear about one thing:

    If the Democrats are the “party of racism” or “the party of the Klan” or “the party of the Confederacy,” then – since about 1965 – they have a funny way of showing it.

    To wit: The Civil Rights Act was introduced by a Democratic President (Kennedy), pushed through a majority Democratic Congress (both Senate and House), passed by a majority of those Democrats, and signed into law by another Democratic President (Lyndon Johnson).

    Yes, there were some Southern Democrats who threw a little tantrum, and yes, there were a lot of decent Republicans who supported the legislation, but at the end of the day, we have Civil Rights enshrined in law because of the party with the “D.” The vote totals make this abundantly clear.

    Oh, and in case someone brings up Robert Byrd? First off, he’s dead. Yes, he was a member of the Klan…in the 1940s. Yet later in life (he had a long life), Byrd did a 180 and became such a stalwart defender of Civil Rights that the NAACP lauded him upon his death.

    As to the statues specifically? You know who doesn’t have a statue? Benedict Arnold. There’s a reason for that. The Confederate leaders should get the same treatment.

  3. About 100 years ago, the parties did the ol’ switcheroo on their political leanings. Prior to that, the Democrats were backwards and the Republicans were almost too progressive to function.

  4. It’s basically an argument built on ignorance and a desire to manipulate people. Either the person putting forth the argument that – despite *all tangible evidence* – contemporary Republicans are “the party of Lincoln” is ignorant, or, they are counting on their audience being ignorant enough to believe that contemporary Democrats are really the Southern racist bad guys. Not that contemporary democrats *aren’t also racist sometimes*.

    It’s like democratic people’s republics being a socio-political joke. They are 100% not fooling any educated person. But The Republican party has no problem just straight up lying about history…and the present for that matter, because they only care about “beating the democrats” and their way of doing that is catering to a largely uneducated audience that “votes with their gut” and has been convinced over and over again to vote in favor of their continued economic oppression. Lost Causers are going to be the last people to abandon the party, because the Lost Cause is like the OG of this “trick them ignorant folk” strategy. And the party needs these assholes because they are broadly losing appeal with everyone else. Hence making voting harder and like, trying to incite a coup. Republicans literally *never* win the popular vote and they’d lose by significantly more / lose the electoral vote, if they made voting easier.

    Anyway I dunno fuck all that and tbh fuck the democrats too but for totally different reasons. burn the whole fucking thing down.

    TLDR: Because they don’t give a fuck

  5. Because democrats realized there was no future in that and republicans just saw all the disenfranchised white rage votes sitting out there for the picking. They’ve done a superb job at catering to that, especially these days.

    Full disclosure- radical centrist here who thinks both parties are nuts and wonders why we only have two parties in a “representative” government.

  6. The parties switched. Not like, they all decided to change names and swap members, but they changed their policies which swapped the groups they were targeting and changed demographics.

    So people who might live in States that fought for the confederacy are now living in red states, and it technically is part of their heritage.

    If you don’t believe me, look at the last few decades. Just within my life, the gop used to be the people cuddled up to corporations, now those corporations are flying rainbow flags and supporting the dnc generally.

    I’m not saying that’s good or bad, just that it happens. Things change. Demographics change. Political party in the current year doesn’t dictate your ancestors political party.

  7. 1. I’m a conservative from the Midwest, I don’t claim any of that as part of my “heritage” nor as some sort of pride thing. I would say all of my conservative friends agree with this as well

    2. I don’t think conservatives, again, where I live, want the statues to stay as some sort of form of pride, but because they have historical value. I think it’s reasonable to get rid of actual confederate leader statues, but when I hear people say we should get rid of statues of people like Frederick Douglas I get extremely confused and frustrated.

  8. Nicholas Cage won an Oscar too. A lot’s changed since then.

    Oh and my heritage is destroying a treasonous failed nation, my favorite statues are just fine.

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