If gun control measures “don’t work”, then why did the Uvalde killer have to wait until he was 18 to purchase the weapons?

If gun control measures “don’t work”, then why did the Uvalde killer have to wait until he was 18 to purchase the weapons?

What do you think?

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  1. There have been plenty of shootings by younger shooters who didn’t purchase the guns themselves. However, this isn’t an argument against the age restriction as much as an argument *for* additional restrictions to keep legal-age gun owners from sharing their guns with unvetted minors.

  2. I mean I’m not huge into politics, but did he really HAVE to wait. I imagine he could’ve found someone sketchy enough to illegally buy one from, or not just a thought.

  3. Because that’s the law. The kid was legally 18, and he had no criminal background nor an official record of mental illness. These would be the two biggest red flags that any gun seller would be looking for, especially a licensed one.

  4. This isn’t all because of gun laws but also a tremendous lack of mental health assistance, we’re seeing the results of having a country full of mentally unstable people with easy access to firearm

  5. Because the age to **legally** purchase a weapon is 18. The underage Columbine shooters were give the guns by a friend. Some 100,000 guns are stolen each year in the US, providing a cheap and easy-to-acquire pool of illegal guns for those who want to go that way.

  6. I see you, I hear you.

    You are right to ask this question.

    Even the most minute law might deter.

    I’ll vote for the person who get us closer to those laws.

  7. The problem folks is not the gun laws. The gun laws have allowed 18 year olds to buy long guns since the beginning of this nation. The problem is the broken family structure and me myself and I attitude.

  8. Because even making people wait until they’re 18 doesn’t prevent them from shooting up a school when they’re 18? How is this not obvious?

  9. Current US gun measures don’t work because the only barrier between him and the weapons was his age. The current measures don’t work because he was able to do what he did despite them. If they did work his age would have had no influence.

    I think you’re asking the wrong question.

  10. If he wanted to buy a gun off the street at 15, he could have found someone to sell it to him. There’s a huge black market for stolen and smuggled guns. See the inner cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, and pretty much every other Blue-run city for proof.

  11. He actually didn’t have to wait, he probably just didn’t know he could buy guns at a gun show through private sales. A private sale has no paperwork to track so age, sanity, criminal record, etc. aren’t taken into concern by the seller unless they want to be concerned. Having been to a few gun shows I know it’s pretty easy to find the dealer who doesn’t give a shit and will sell to anybody if the price is right.

  12. They work, the problem is they’re not universal across all states. So it’s easy to go into a state with lax gun control laws and take them to other places.

    It’s why NY got fed up with people doing that and tried to sue nearby states with lax gun control laws.

    that’s why we’re the only country with this problem.

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