If sexual experiences were like trading cards, what would be your rarest card?

If sexual experiences were like trading cards, what would be your rarest card?

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  1. Threesome with a girl I was casually dating and her roommate, but I suspect the girl I was seeing wanted to have sex with her roommate all along and just used me as an excuse because her roommate found me attractive, not that I cared either way

  2. The time I drove 1000 miles to fuck a girl who, objectively, was at least a 9/10, while I’m probably closer to a 5/10, for a week straight.

    While also going to Comic-Con in the time we weren’t fucking. And she paid for everything. It was probably the best week of my life.

    God bless her, I hope she’s well.

  3. “The Confusing Three-Way” card. I’ve mentioned it in another comment. Basically involved me agreeing to be a third participant in a friend of mine and his girlfriends first threesome. At one point it involved her thrusting her pelvis into my (female) backside while telling me that she had a big dick. If this scenario were a card I think I could sell it for quite a profit.

  4. The generations card:
    I went back to a friends place to knock boots, caught up for lunch with dad, told him about it because we’ve known the family since I was really young and I thought it was kind of funny. Turns out he slept with her mum the same night

  5. A five way. It would be some kind of gimmicky legendary card which Gase high base stats but with horrible draw back effects which only works well under really specific conditions.

  6. The unknown anal card. First time having sex with this girl(we were teens)we did anal, I didn’t know I was in her ass and she didn’t say anything, I asked after if I was in her ass she said ‘I think so”, that was her first time doing anal. We are still friends and had sex a few more times over those years, she loves anal.

  7. Probably ‘sex in a church closet after my friends wedding’ or ‘sex on the hood of my car behind my work’ The second is not nearly as fun as it sounds. Fortunately I drove a POS Honda, so the dent in the hood popped right out. Lol.

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