If Texas is pro-life, why is the death penalty allowed?

If Texas is pro-life, why is the death penalty allowed?

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  1. Not THOSE lives. God said those ones deserve it. No, wait, uhhh… God said Thou shalt not kill… Uhhh…. *Flips through pages in Bible* But they do deserve it! J-just shut up liberal SNOWFLAKE! (That’ll show em!) Let’s go Brandon!

  2. The death penalty is allowed in Texas because the state believes that some crimes are so heinous that the perpetrator deserves to be put to death. This is a different type of pro-life stance than the one normally associated with the term, which typically refers to the belief that life begins at conception and should be protected at all costs.

  3. In their view, one is trying to protect an innocent life and the other is ending the life of someone who had their chance and did terrible things with it. I’m not saying that I agree with either, but the logic seems pretty straightforward

  4. Despite the name, “pro life” does not mean “in favor of life”. It’s just a marketing ploy to make the opposite stance logically named “anti life”, and no one would want to be anti life, right? Therefore pro life is the right and only logical stance to have.

    Pro life is just the position of not wanting abortion to be decriminalized.

  5. Because its not about preserving life, its about preserving power and control. They have the power to force a baby into the world and they have the power to end its life.

  6. I know Reddit is full of weirdo lefties who believe a man in a dress is a woman, and worship pedophile John money, so here’s an easy answer…

    Babies are innocent who never asked to be conceived in the first place.

    The other is someone who committed a crime that’s so heinous, they can’t be integrated back into society, as well as harmful to other prisoners.

  7. Really? How is that even a question? I’m pro-choice, and it still makes 0 sense.

    A baby in the womb has no power to dictate it’s own existence.

    A guy that killed/ate three kids made that concious choice to do so, and should be summarily removed from the earth.

    Fuckin’ duh…..

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