If There Was One Law You Could make Right Now What Would it Be(It Is Present In Every Country And Everyone Has To Follow It)?

If There Was One Law You Could make Right Now What Would it Be(It Is Present In Every Country And Everyone Has To Follow It)?

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  1. Finland’s education policy, Norway’s democracy, Belgium’s equality policy, Indonesia/New Zealand/Australia’s policy on giving and financial status, and the separation of church and state policy of Sweeden.

    All of these policies are written into one act to be passed called the UNIFICATION Act (Undying and Neverending Institution For Individuals and Classes Acting on Treatment of Inequality Oppression of the Non-existent).

    The UNIFICATION Act would be used to aid countries around the world who have a class of people they count as “Non-existent.” These would be the poor, uneducated, homeless, orphans, and (in many countries) widows or single women.

    If we take care of the people at the economic bottom, then we provide for those of us who are rich beyond belief.

  2. That everyone in the world that gets taxed has to pay me 1 cent/penny/what the currency of that country is, every day of every year.

    I will then use the money to building the essentials/charity to make a better world.

    Maybe spend a little on myself haha.

    If I die it go to my heir or goes to a charity.

  3. Fake News in the single biggest threat to the USA today. Even more than Climate Change because it allows the stupids to convince themselves that the climate doesn’t even exist and certainly doesn’t need saving.

    The only remedy is something we aren’t going to get. Or if we do, it will be after King Trump is elected his second and eternal term in office.

    Free Speech is something that can no longer be tolerated. This nation has demonstrated over and over again that too many people want to live in a bubble and be lied to rather than have to listen to the truth. And it is destroying us.

    So a law against free speech. How it would be handled, the details, I don’t know.

  4. Corruption is found and punished from the presidential and prime minister level, and continues going down through all chains of command and business until we live in a fair capatalist economy. Western civilisation would be amazing if all money went where it was needed, and optimised in doing so.

  5. My father and I have talked about this for a long time, and it just baffles our minds how this is not basic law here.

    In Hungary the driving laws can a lot of times be bullshit, unreasonable and stupid objectively. It might not seem much, but I’d prohibit driving with tires not suitable for the season. Right now, it is completely fine driving with summer tires at winter when the road is icy.

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