If two people were playing chess, and one could see the future but the other was a mind reader, who would win?

If two people were playing chess, and one could see the future but the other was a mind reader, who would win?

What do you think?

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  1. You know the problem with chess is, that most of the games at a high level are drawn.
    Which is also the most likely outcome in this scenario, or basically any other scenario you folks could come up with regarding chess.

    It’s true that white has a good amount of advantageous, but they are definitly not enough to force a win.
    If someone could do it then yes it would be white but it’s simply not enough.

  2. The one who can see the future. He just makes moves that result in a future where he wins. He doesnt need to know *why* those moves work, only that they do.

    Mind-reader reads his minds and sees… that his opponent will win in the future.

  3. good. the outcome would be what the first guy saw, surely. if he saw himself winning he’d end up winning. probably because the other guy got cocky and started making mistakes. or he got forced into an unwinnable position one move at a time so he couldn’t work out the idea

  4. your destiny is determined at birth.
    so why bother playing the game?
    given that the one who sees the future is the only one who sees the outcome he would either stand up and say “you played a great game and i salute you”, or, “you are wasting your time”.

  5. It depends. Are there any limitations on eithers power? Can the mind reader only hear surface level thoughts, or can they also see images people are visualizing? Can they delve into people’s memories, dig through their subconscious, or are they limited to thoughts happening in the moment? Can the mind reader be fooled by a powerful enough intellect running multiple trains of thought or just thinking faster than they can follow?

    Can the one who sees the future control what they see, or does the future appear to them in uncontrollable flashes? How does it work when they’re looking at something like chess with hundreds of variations – do they see multiple possibilities, or do they see a single future as completely deterministic an unchangeable? How far in advance can they see – a few seconds, hours, days?

    Since these are both abilities that only exist in fiction, I’m going to say that the outcome of their chess game is whatever the author thinks makes for the better story and is either true to their fiction’s established answers to the kind of questions above, or if the chess game is the central plot then the author probably decides on the outcome and works backwards to the limitations that would demand that outcome.

  6. The mind reader can see what the future seer thinks, so he can basically see into the future himself as long as he’s reading FS’s mind.

  7. The mind reader knows the future his/her opponent is trying to build. They have full access to imagination there.

    Ok this is a wee bit of a mindfuck.

    But I still kind of think that “seeing the future” is based on specific decisions they make. It’s not a given. Nothing is set in stone – until they make their moves. So, weirdly enough, their interpretation of the future is bound by the moves made.

    The mind reader has the advantage, and the person who could see the future is caught by history – if that makes sense.

  8. The mind reader. The one who can see the future only sees the outcome, not necessarily how to change it. They can see their opponent’s next move, for instance, but the mind reader would pick up on their strategy the instant they thought it.

    To reference The Princess Bride, it’s a “the wine in front of you” problem.

  9. The future is static, everything has already happened and will happen again infinitely. Things either happen or don’t. It is not a chance something will happen, it is simply going to happen or not happen. Knowing this, it is safe to assume the mind reader will win since the mind reader can act on the moment, while the one who can see the future will be able to forsee his demise.

  10. Well, if the one who sees the future foresaw the mind reader reading his mind, he could adjust his movements. Tight one but my money’s on the one who can see the future.

  11. Well the one who can see future because they will know they lost get a gun and start blasting the other person in no apprehend order so the mind reader can’t predict it and dies

  12. It depends on how the precognition works. If you’re seeing the current future based on your actions, then the mind reader has it, but if you’re seeing multiple possible futures and can pick which branch you want to go down, then it becomes a much closer game, with the mind reader at a slight disadvantage due to their lack of familiarity with viewing multiple timelines. It then becomes possible maneuver them into a position where by the time they are able to distinguish between possibilities, there are no potential futures in which they win. The mind reader also likely has the disadvantage that they would have to sift through the “noise” of random thoughts and deliberate interference by the mind of their opponent, drowning out the actual thoughts that they’re looking for.

  13. You can see the future and still loose,basically being trapped without knowing due to lack of knowledge. You can read minds and still loose of other player is skilled and moves pieces by instinct, there would be nothing to read.

  14. Would probably be a draw as they would each just keep adjusting for the first move. Unless one has an ancient Pharoah living in them or they just love pieces randomly.

  15. The person who see the future knows what moves are going to be made. The person who reads minds essentially also knows the future because future person knows the future.

    In the end, it will still come down to their individual chess skills.

    If the mind reader makes a move based on reading the future seers mind then future seer will know it an in turn mind reader will know they know.

    It still comes down to skill. However, each game seems more likely to end in a draw.

  16. It would be a draw. Each player would theoretically know the exact perfect move to make, the mind reader would change their plans based on the future the other saw. So that future would change. So theoretically it would end up in a perfect draw

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