If you actually met a genie, what would your 3 wishes be?

If you actually met a genie, what would your 3 wishes be?

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  1. Wish 1:The ability to shape shift at will

    Wish 2: The ability to create anything I want just by thinking of it

    Wish 3: the ability to manipulate molecules at an atomic level

  2. 1. Immortality with regenerative properties – i.e., I want my spine to be restored to perfect health. If I can only have one, I’ll take the latter – no sense living forever with sciatica.

    2. Immortality. Now that my back is better, I wanna see and do everything, and I want infinite time in which to accomplish all of it.

    3. I want some kind of space immortality – kinda like a rider on my original immortality policy. If I’m around forever, I’ll eventually need to inhabit other worlds, other galaxies, other unfathomable conditions and circumstances. With this rider, I imagine I’ll have the ability to fly.

    So, there… that’s my list; my back is better, I’ll live forever, and I can exist in places beyond Earth.

  3. 1. God and the devil imprisoned in the same room for all of time and throw away the key.
    2. The 1% have to live on Mars via government mandate and interaction with the outside world is forbidden, most of em don’t respect live, so we take theirs away.
    3. I wish my soul is shattered and my energy scattered across the universe

  4. 1- to be able to replenish anything I want (bank is empty… full. Fridge is empty… full. Etc)
    2- perfect health for me and my family
    3- probably keep the third in case of emergencies… there’s not much I need that a full bank account and perfect health won’t help with

  5. I would wish that everyone else’s genies were actually evil genies that gave everyone else corrupted versions of their wishes.

    I would wish for my dream home.

    My last wish would be that my genie no longer existed so that the rest of the people with an evil genie couldn’t reverse what I did.

  6. 1)I wished that everyone would have the ability to eat.

    2)That everyone would know how to drive.

    3) That everyone could communicate with everyone despite the language barrier.

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  8. 1. Immorality
    2. Psychic abilities
    3. Able to make people shit themselves with the snap of my fingers

    I would never had to wait in a long my line again

  9. 1. 1000 tax free untraceable US American dollars a day (100 from the top 10 richest people) that won’t ruin the economy

    2. Fix everything physically (medically) wrong with me.

    3. fluently read, write, and speak every language on Earth

  10. To reach in the pocket of whatever I’m wearing and have the exact amount of currency I need for any situation.

    For every human to have empathy.

    For the genie to be free to do as they wish with their life, so long as they cause no harm. In the event they willingly cause harm they will become owned by me for eternity.

  11. I want 999 million dollars (so that I’m not a billionaire and reddit can’t hate me)

    I want to stay 22 years old forever

    I want to be beautiful with a super toned physique

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