If you could give your 18 year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

If you could give your 18 year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

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  1. “Please learn krav maga and go in gym, be stronger than your bullies..”
    “Don’t be afraid to drive car even after that terrible car incident please.”
    “Don’t listen to your manipulative dad, he will destroy your life he is mentally Ill you just don’t see that, he doesn’t wish you any good” “just kiss that girl don’t be coward she is your twinflame ” “after college please go away far from home” “tell your brother on 19th March not to drive car please ”
    there are so many..fuck my life.. wish I knew better in my 18

  2. Get. A. Fucking. Grip. On. Your. Life.

    Your future isn’t magically gonna work out for you if you just sit around and do nothing. And for the love of all that is bright and beautiful in this world, choose a practical major for college first (Medical, Tech, Finance, etc.) *then* do the artsy stuff afterwards.

  3. Do not skip classes in your statistics courses in university and abroad. It will cost you years and thousands. That and stop what you are doing right now, get a job for a year and work your ass off to build up a savings account until you are 20, so you will not be in debt later. It will ruin you

  4. Accept the bad. All of it. You do not have to like it, you do not have to let it consume you. But, accept its existence fully. If you do not, you will develop what Jung called the shadow – an unattended subconscious dark side that can completely run amok. Accepting the bad is important for two reasons: 1) subjective experience is inherently dual by nature. In the simplest of terms this means that all opposites (good/bad, light/dark, etc) must coexist like two sides of the same coin. You cannot know good without knowing bad. Think about a spoiled rich child who has been given every desire since the moment he or she was born. Is this person happy? Or, is this person entirely empty? It is the bad that not only gives life to the good, but it enriches the entire vibrancy of being. And 2) by running away from and denying the darkness you are by definition making it unconscious. Now, it has power over you. It is your shadow. It can and will come out in all sorts of unhealthy and dangerous manners.

    So, yeah, future self. Don’t spend 10+ years abusing drugs, sex, video games, and all sorts of ego gratifying highs just in some insane attempt to run away from all of the harsh truths of existence. Only when you accept all of these harsh truths can you begin life.

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