If you could, what is the most amazing thing you could buy for your pet?

If you could, what is the most amazing thing you could buy for your pet?

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  1. Nothing because my cat doesn’t give a damn about all the things I’ve bought for her to play with. Instead she just wants to play with her food or bottle caps and string. 🤷🏿‍♀️ 🐱 😂

  2. A whole bunch of wall-mounted perches, hammocks and things for them to jump and play on so that, if they want to, they don’t have to touch the floor to go anywhere in the apartment. Their own jungle gym.

  3. A female partner. My ringneck Blue Sky gets bored of his toys easily so having someone to interact would be nice. Unfortunately my mom doesn’t allow me. She gets upset because he is very loud.

  4. A dog sled that works on grass and roads.

    They be pulling hard and it’s too much for me on my skateboard. But if they were hauling a sled they might go slower haha. Plus I can’t ride my board in the grass or gravel 😬

  5. One of those mats that gives her a little shock when she walks on the table. It would be fucking amazing if she would stop walking her litterbox paws where my family eats.

  6. My fish would have an entire swimming pool sized pool to swim in! Their tank is so small right now and I can’t help but want to give them more to explore!

    As for the doggo… she’d probably be happy with the cheapest toy in the world, so I guess a truck full of them

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