If you could wipe any anime from the face of the earth, what one would it be?

If you could wipe any anime from the face of the earth, what one would it be?

What do you think?


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  1. Any anime sexualizing kids. Why does seemingly no one has a problem with these. If these were made in america/canada, the show would get and canceled and the creator would never show their face in the animation industry ever again. Japan has a huge problem with peadophelia and sexual abuse and these just add coal to the flame

  2. Deadman Wonderland.

    Starts off with a very interesting premise.

    Kid is accused of murdering his classmates, gets sentenced to life in a special prison.

    This prison has all inmates injected with some venom that’s slowly killing them. Only way to survive is to win the antidotes via some squidgame-type obstacle courses. (It actually did it long before Squidgame was even written.)

    So what do they do with this premise? They quickly drop the obstacle course thing and turn it into a generic, run off the mill, cookie cutter Tournament Shounen Fighter. Interest level went from 11 to 0 just like that. Bait and Switch piece of shit.

  3. Honestly any show with a gross amount of hype that doesn’t fit how good they are. Jujutsu Kaisen or Demon Slayer are good examples. Don’t get me wrong they’re fine, but that’s just it they’re fine. Nothing special about them. Just shonen with vague power systems

  4. Ima be honest… Naruto.

    People keep going “oh Naruto is the best” or “Let’s Naruto run” or “JJK is a copy of Naruto”, like the world doesn’t revolve around Naruto, it wasn’t even that good. . .

  5. Evangelion has had such a massive influence in the direction anime has gone so I’d liked to see what would happen if it didn’t exist.Plus Rei and Asuka are 14 yet there exists too much porn of them so maybe if they didn’t exist the glorification of borderline child porn wouldn’t have happened

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