If you had a two-use time machine, how would you use it?

If you had a two-use time machine, how would you use it?

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  1. Go back to 2010 buy Bitcoins when I first heard about them and actually hold onto them, then travel to October 2021 and unload my holding and then relive life from October 2021 to present day and beyond.

  2. Go back to Buy at 1% of Shares in Facebook since it would barely change a thing on the timeline and then fake my death and write a will to give it to my future self because:

    Facebooks Net-worth is currently $430 Billion. And 1% of that is $4.3 Billion. Meaning when I came back, I would no longer need to work a day in my life.

  3. If I go back too far I probably just get fucked by disease. And within the last few hundred years I doubt there’s anything I could meaningfully change on my own that would really be predictably worth it.

    I could always just go back a few decades, invest in the right stocks, and come back and be rich. Bit boring and selfish though.

    I think I’d take a gamble and go like 300 years into the future (too much more and I’d have doubts I’d even be able to communicate). And if there’s still civilization around learn as much about what’s happened over that time as I could. If things are a lot better I might just stay there with a spare use in my pocket and wait for some opportunity where going back in time a few weeks might be useful. If it’s a dystopian hell I can go back to modern time and possibly use what I’ve learned of the future for some benefit.

  4. I’ve given this considerable thought in case I suddenly turn into a Nobel prize winning physicist. There is a problem with money. Going back 30 years to buy Apple/Amazon shares or even going back 10 years to buy Bitcoin, how are you going to pay for it? Modern currency will be seen as counterfeit. Gold? Well is my time machine going to have room for a ton of gold? Do I need to trawl through Ebay looking for old currency notes?

    So…. I would go back to immediately post-WW2 in the UK with old currency or gold/diamonds if allowed. Buy lots of property in areas that I know are going to boom (Islington in north London, or anywhere in central London). Give power of attorney to a solicitor and instruct him to hand over control in 1976 to the man who matches the fingerprint samples I’ve left with him. Then mortgage the lot in 1976 and buy Apple shares. Use dividends and rent to cover the payments until 1994 and then do the same again with Amazon.

    Job done. I have too much time on my hands.

  5. go back to when I was 15 y/o and about to have sex with Sherry. stop myself.

    she had crabs and they are a bitch to get rid of without letting your parents find out.

  6. I would go forward in time to the 23rd century, and then find a star ship. I would tell them that I was a time traveling historian from several hundred years in _their future_, and that I was there to observe their daily lives. I would then ask them for a few examples of everyday objects to bring back with me to the future so that other historians could examine them in pristine condition (the asking permission part is key! Can’t just steal them!). I would also ask for detailed documentation of how those items function.

    Then I would get in my time machine and return to the current day. I would ‘invent’ all of the items and get rich, but take great pains to keep my name out of the business records so that I wouldn’t become famous or be remembered in history.

    The best part is that if I ever figure how to get another two trips out of my time machine, I can do the same thing again. A 300 year head start on technology means that the future I go back to the second time with be even more advanced, and have new technologies to discover.

    Or it will be exactly the same, in which case I would know that the timeline was always one in which I made my trip. Either way, important discoveries to be made!

  7. Go back to 1990 and see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coming Out of Their Shells concert.

    If there’s a better use for a time machine than this, you tell me.

  8. Id collect up some previous lotto winning numbers, travel back in time use the numbers to win and then use the money to go buy stock in big ass companies while they were still small. Travel back home to my normal time and never have to worry about my finances ever again.

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