If you had to choose between four more years of Covid (including restrictions) or four more years of Trump as US president, what would you choose and why?

If you had to choose between four more years of Covid (including restrictions) or four more years of Trump as US president, what would you choose and why?

What do you think?


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  1. COVID restrictions. I’m an essential worker. I still went to work during the pandemic. I don’t go out anyways. My lifestyle did not change at all during the lockdowns.

    Trump can go fuck himself.

  2. Covid. It was the best time of my life. I’m an introvert and wfh and live on a farm. I don’t go anywhere anyway and this just proves how self sufficient I am. None of the restrictions or mandates impacted me whatsoever.

    Trump though is an absolute loser of a human being.

  3. Trump for four more years would mean Covid for four more years. Seeing as him and his minions are convinced it’s a conspiracy and it’s not legit. So, Covid. Atleast we won’t have an idiot in office then

  4. COVID. Definitely. The restrictions were in the best interest of public health, and once the 4 years were over they’d be over. Trump only acts in the best interests of his own ego and 4 more years of him in charge would be hell for non-rich-white-men and the downfall of this country.

  5. The last pandemic lasted at least a decade perhaps longer, the current vaccines do not prevent people from contracting covid, they only mitigate the potential of serious illness, which means there will most likely be several more years dealing with covid ahead regardless.

    So why bring Trump back when we are stuck with covid anyway?

  6. COVID, without hesitation. It’s the closest thing to divine intervention I’ve ever witnessed. Never have so many people gotten the diarrhea they richly deserve.

  7. Covid every time. As an essential worker, my life did not change that much. Most of us have managed to cope during the pandemic with grace. Though of course, you always have to deal with the stupid, ignorant, inbred, or most republicans.
    However Trump is a very dangerous man. He is a classic narcissist. He would quite happily destroy the world with a smile on his face, though he would save russia, along with his fascist groupies.
    And I am English, live in England, and jumped with joy when he lost the election. Watched the american election whilst working. Good grief, even the English knew what a complete and utter evil bastard he was and still is. I assume there must be some chemical in the water that turns Americans into total dumb fucks to vote for him. Consider how you vote, fight for your democracy. Now.
    If not, your great USA will cease to exist. And sooner then you think. You are already going backwards in time. Roe versus wade ring a bell ??

  8. Covid.

    I see that the trumpers are brigading to downvote this post. It’s obvious because its score is 0 while there are plenty of responses which mostly favor Covid over the Mushroom King.

  9. 4 more years of trump because at least Trump offers endless comedy value on multiple fronts whereas world governments; western nations including, are using covid as an excuse to wind up controls on citizens and over the course of the pandemic they’ve done more damage to the economy and society than what trump could ever do.

    Inb4 downvotes but i prefer trump purely for the comedic value.

  10. Got to be Covid as 4 more years of Trump means the end of American democracy and probably more than 4 more years of Trump. I’d put money on him pushing to change the constitution to allow him to serve more than 2 terms.

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