If you live in an area heavily visited by tourists, what is the dumbest thing you’ve seen tourists do?

If you live in an area heavily visited by tourists, what is the dumbest thing you’ve seen tourists do?

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  1. A lot of people line up for hours to go to the first Starbucks, despite there being another Starbucks directly across the street.. it sells the exact same coffee for the same price. There is nothing special about the first Starbucks. People are also highly surprised by the presence of ferry boats… you know in a city that’s surround by water on three sides. Also please don’t complain about the rain, hills and overall cloudiness in a city that is known for rain hills and overall cloudiness.

  2. Try and mess with the elephant seals. Pretty much every year some idiot thinks it’s a good idea to get up close to the 8 thousand pound cranky bastards and gets absolutely fucked up

  3. I’ve seen someone start walking towards a bison with the intention of petting it. Luckily a park ranger noticed too and quickly put an end to the suicide by buffalo attempt.

  4. I live in a rural part of Ireland where Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick own a holiday home.

    I can confirm that she regularly wears farmers boots to the local grocery store as if we were on the set on Angela’s ashes…

  5. Our tourists are typically all from the same place, New York City. We call them “Citiots”. One once called the police on a guy because he was walking around the area with “a dangerous weapon”. The guy he called the cops on was a dude using a weed puller on dandelions in his front yard. The citiot had never seen a weed puller before.

  6. *on a train, pulling into a station with brightly colored signs all around reading “Avondale”‘*

    “What station is this?”

    No harm, no foul, but I mean come on.

  7. For some reason tourists love to leave yelp reviews for the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Seems so strange to me and there some real gems in there.


    > Parking: terrible, not enough. Shame on SF not able to build a parking lot or structure for the tourist. Detour us to public parking about 100 spaces and it is impossible to find a spot on holiday

  8. Local “tourists”.

    I live in a “hip” part of downtown with some popular things that attract a lot of people from the ‘burbs.

    They have no concept of crosswalks, crossing signals, or anything related to being in the road. It’s like they think this whole area is just for them instead of realizing that there are always cars and trucks all the time.

  9. Chasing bears, including grizzly bear females with cubs, is scarily common. One guy chased a black bear up a tree trying to pet it and ended up in the hospital getting stitches. Local Conservation Officers said that the bear was just being defensive and left it alone.

  10. Drive down golf cart paths, go the wrong way in a traffic circle, back up in a traffic circle, drive into a lagoon, swim in lagoons with alligators, yell at restaurant workers because they had to wait for a table, not look before crossing the street….there’s so many I can’t pick just one! But I do know there’s no hope for humanity.

  11. Live close enough to Banff that I visit regularly. A tourist with a baby in a snuggly on her chest got out of her car in a bear jam, walked up to the bear and tried to hand it an orange.

  12. Colorado: Approaching wildlife and walking on the tundra.

    Now, when I was in Alaska, I saw a warning sign telling people not to try to take fish from the bears, even if they caught it first.

  13. I lived in a historic area once, people can take self guided tours with brochures available at a nearby park. Our house was one of the oldest in the neighborhood, iron gates and brick foot paths from the front to the backyard. My roommates and I woke to a family in our backyard admiring the flowers and garden.

  14. Tourist with a camera approaching a grizzly with cubs

    1. Out his car! WTF
    2. Approaching the bear staring through the view finder unaware he would get between momma bear and the cubs

    Luckily someone ran over and dragged him back.

  15. As an example, I live in New Orleans. The other day I went to pickup some food I’d phoned in and the person behind the counter was explaining to some people from Alabama how to wait in line. Like, she had to actually tell each one where to stand and how a line works. (I assume Alabama based on universities represented on their shirts.)

  16. I live in the capital of my state, every summer (except last with covid) we have a rodeo and carnival, and people come all the way from fucking Texas to come to this shit. We have these big boot statue type things that are supposed to like convey our culture, but they’re just really big and dumb looking, and tourists always take pictures with the boots. Like they’re cowboy boots 👢.

  17. Not dumbest but pretty dumb for a tourist to rent a car in a city that runs of public transportation. Their reasoning; they were afraid to be lost underground forever.

  18. There is a town in Washington called leathernworth it is a big tourist trap right at the bottom of the cascades. There is a lot of stupid things people do but the stupidest. some Chinese people were j walking in the middle of a vary busy highway a cop was in front of them and couldn’t stop in time accidentally hitting one of them. The cop gets out to see what he could do. Obviously the tourists don’t know who he is and start to fight with the cop. And this is around the time I roll up and see 2 Chinese people beating the shit out of a cop. So i call 911 then help what i could until backup arrives. So more cops show up and arrest the 2. And air lift the other. The hospitalized one was deported back to China and the other 2 were to do 25 years in prison. 1/2 in America and 1/2 in China

  19. This isn’t a very exciting answer, but I live in a major city with a signature food scene so my answer is watching tourists stand in line for hours on a hot day to get the very generic, billboard version of that food.

  20. People who visit Chicago NEED to learn how to use crosswalks and the CTA before they come to the city. They also have to stop littering and learn how to get around. It is almost impossible to get lost in Chicago, seeing as we have a grid system, but people manage to do it constantly.

  21. My favorite thing was getting stoned and watching the tourists try and open the bear proof trash cans in town and struggle for a good 10 mins. Then id find some meaningless trash to throw away in front of them and make sure it was locked again before I walked away.

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