If you suddenly became super rich, what is one thing you would definitely start paying more for?

If you suddenly became super rich, what is one thing you would definitely start paying more for?

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  1. Clothes and shoes. Mine are cheap, but just that, cheap.

    I have to replace them before the year ends.

    My shoes have had holes in them for months and I just replaced them.

  2. Entertainment.

    I love going to live shows and sporting events. I’d go to concerts, broadway shows, football, baseball, basketball, hockey games, all kinds of stuff like that.

  3. Like, super rich? No worries and everything covered?

    I’ll pay more for friends and family. They should enjoy my richness too. Housing, car clothes for them.

  4. Services.

    I’d have a maid, landscaper, carpenter, and mechanic on-hand. Basically people doing stuff I’d prefer not to so I can rightfully be called lazy.

  5. Food, books, shelter, healthcare, and travel. Food is life, books are wonderful, owning a home would be a dream come true, I’d like to utilize today’s medical advancements if I need too without having to decide if I’d rather have the debt or die, and the luxury of seeing the beautiful natural and manmade creations around the world.

  6. Concerts. VIP tickets, chauffeurs to and from high end hotels & airbnbs, find new artists I like and follow them around for a while, exotic locations. I’d spend a year seeing something different every other day.

  7. Essentials like clothing (unbranded, mostly based off the material) groceries, food, healthcare, etc.

    But what I really wanna splurge on are sketchbooks, pens (fountains, dip, whatever), inks, brushes, printing press (lol) — specifically japanese woodblocks and tools.

  8. Shoes. I want all different styles, brands, colours of shoes to match plenty of fits. Clothes. I need stylish clothes to go with the shoes. I want a whole new wardrobe. Flights. I want to visit the entire world. I would do it even if I didn’t even if i weren’t rich.

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