if you think marijuana should remain federally illegal, why?

if you think marijuana should remain federally illegal, why?

What do you think?

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  1. Because states trampling all over federal drug regulation is a beneficial exercise in states having a degree of freedom over stupid federal policy. It being federally illegal while states continue to legalize represents a good precedent

  2. Psychological addiction, you’ll rely on that stuff just like people rely on antidepressants.
    It can lead to people escalating to abusing stronger drugs.

  3. I live in Colorado, so I can give a biased opinion.


    1: Easier access for kids/teens. There are many studies about whether drug use has gone up or not, but anecdotally, it is much easier to get it now than before.

    2: Pandora’s box. Once you legalize it, if society decides that it is bad, it’s nearly impossible to criminalize it again.

    3: DWUI. For alcohol, we can do a breathalyzer or blood test to determine if a driver is over a set limit. For MJ, there is currently no test.

    4: Personal reason: I can’t stand the smell. You can’t walk downtown and not get overwhelmed by the odor.

  4. People will be more miserable really fast
    Life is tough, and drugs keep you away from cruel reality
    The moment you come back to the real world, you get depressed and live in circles of addiction.

  5. We currently do not have a system in place to deal with the addictions it will cause.

    Despite it not being physically addictive, many people still develop unhealthy habits. Gambling is also considered an addiction, even though you obviously can’t get physically dependent on it.

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