If you were god what would you do for humans?

If you were god what would you do for humans?

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  1. The more times you act like a jerk to others the uglier you get and the more times you are genuinely kind to others the better looking you get

    The way I see it the halo effect is real and unfairly let’s people get away with things might as well make it fair

  2. I would have random reincarnation. That way you know your coming back and no idea where. So everyone would be focused on making the world better for their inevitable next life.

  3. Make it so if you fuck up and fall short of the standards needed to receive eternal life in the new world and not get yeeted into the lake of fire, you get a second chance, kind of a new game plus sort of scenario where you’re aware of the previous life you lived and also what you need to do to not fuck up the second time. However, this is only available provided you weren’t just *intending* to be a little shit your first run assuming you would get a second.

    A little less anxiety inducing than being expected to nail it the first time, no?

  4. Give them super deep and far advanced artificial intelligence that will solve all major human and world issues: global warming/poverty. And the ai shall help a socioeconomic move towards moral, complex, evolving, self sufficient *anarchy*. The ai will determine calculations of timings, extents, ongoing needs and calculations for resolutions, and protections of individual rights and self autonomy. Above it all, in order to achieve total global cooperation, I shall provide them with the most appealing codes of eternally valid standards for morals and ethics, so no one remains confused about what is right and wrong, and what is good and bad, and everyone is freely wanting to participate in the move towards perfected moral and ethical anarchy.

  5. Publish an addendum to clear up misconceptions and errors in that darn book I wrote. For example, it looks like I need to be clearer about abortion, homosexuality, and take a moral stance on human slavery. Then going forward, we’ll have an annual Intergalactic press conference and progress report for each of you.

    Remember, I promised in Revelations 7:4 that only 144,000 of you are making it to heaven, so getting in is still no cakewalk.

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